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Destiny 2 Savathun’s Spire explained, loot table, rewards

Look no further for all you need to know about the Destiny 2 Savathun’s Spire activity in Season of the Witch, including the loot table and rewards of the mode.

Destiny 2 Savathun's Spire: Eris Morn corrupted by the Hive magic in Season 22.

What is Savathûn’s Spire in Destiny 2? Season of the Witch is now here and Guardians have a brand-new activity to dive into, with new loot to earn and story to experience. Furthermore, Season 22 sees some major shake-ups to the formula, with Savathûn’s Spire being a unique mode with many different layers to dig into. So, here’s everything you need to know about Destiny 2 Savathûn’s Spire, including the loot table, rewards, and how to start the Season 22 activity.

Destiny 2 is edging ever-closer to the final confrontation with the Witness when the Destiny 2 The Final Shape release date arrives at long last. While we’re not quite there yet, Destiny 2 Season of the Witch sees us return to Savathûn and her Ghost in search of a way to pursue the Witness. With a stellar selection of Destiny 2 Season of the Witch weapons, you don’t want to miss out on Savathûn’s Spire.

Destiny 2 Savathûn’s Spire explained

Savathûn’s Spire is a three-person matchmade seasonal activity in Destiny 2 Season of the Witch, tasking players with progressing through the spire to defeat Lucent Hive and complete a variety of objectives.

Taking place in Savathûn’s Spire in the Throne World, players have an all-new environment to explore and this activity takes full advantage of it. With several different objective types, from challenging combat encounters to parkour, and even puzzles, Savathûn’s Spire is a blast.

Speaking of objectives, each encounter will have one of the following objective types alongside waves of enemies to contend with:

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Elemental Crystals

This objective tasks you with interacting with crystals to progress, these are:

  • Void – melee the crystal to destroy it.
  • Arc – melee the crystal to gain the Crystalline Charge buff before hitting the remaining crystals.
  • Solar – carry the Solar crystal to specific locations.

Generally, these crystals encourage you to move around the arena to complete the required step, such as charging Arc crystals or carrying Solar crystals. As such, make sure to stay with your team to avoid an untimely death.


This objective requires you to clear out enemies before being sent to charge a specific plate on the ground, marked by an objective icon. To charge the plate, simply stand in the designated area until the objective is completed. Here, you will often be rewarded with a Relic weapon to help defeat the waves of enemies that will spawn afterwards, such as the Synaptic Spear or Scythe.

Elemental Orbs

This objective requires you to avoid elemental orbs that have various effects:

  • Solar – this orb will deal damage to players in the open.
  • Void – this orb will tether you to reduce your movement speed.
  • Arc – this orb will produce a damaging zone in a section of the arena.

It’s important to avoid the effects of these orbs as they will significantly hamper your run. While the Void and Arc orbs can be avoided by keeping your distance, the Solar orb is the most deadly. Be sure to find cover to avoid the scorching effect of this orb or risk dying.

There’s also a variety of secrets to find throughout a run of Savathûn’s Spire that can reward you with bonus loot, so keep your eyes peeled for more as the weeks go on.

Destiny 2 Savathun's Spire: A Guardian making their way through a platforming challenge, with a large ball on a chain swinging past.


Savathûn’s Spire also features platforming sections in between combat encounters, involving plenty of deadly swinging beams and large gaps to leap across. It’s not always obvious which way you have to go, so think carefully before you make a jump into the void below.

Destiny 2 Savathun's Spire: A group of Guardians tackling a puzzle in the Season 22 activity.


You read that right, Savathûn’s Spire includes puzzle sections which are often interwoven with the platforming sections. Like The Witch Queen expansion, you will have to match the correct symbols and enter the correct portal to progress.

How to start Savathûn’s Spire in Destiny 2

To start Savathûn’s Spire in Destiny 2, all you have to do is view the destination map for the H.E.L.M and locate the Savathûn’s Spire playlist, similar to previous seasonal activities.

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Destiny 2 Savathûn’s Spire secret chests

There are several secret chests in the Destiny 2 Savathûn’s Spire activity which can be found during the platforming sections, marked by floating Hive runes. These runes are color-coded according to the elemental affinity you need to use to shoot them.

For example, a purple rune will need to be shot using a Void weapon to activate it. Once activated though, a bonus chest will spawn nearby that can reward weapons, armor, Engrams, and other worthwhile loot.

Destiny 2 Savathun's Spire: A player aiming at a floating card.

Destiny 2 Savathûn’s Spire Deck of Whispers cards

Savathûn’s Spire in Destiny 2 takes advantage of the unique Deck of Whispers cards mechanic of Season 22: Season of the Witch. This lets you earn and unlock cards to use in this mode that can empower you in various ways depending on your equipped cards.

As you progress through the season you will also advance your Deck of Whispers. So, think carefully about which cards benefit your playstyle and build the most before diving back into Savathûn’s Spire.

Destiny 2 Savathun's Spire: Loot table rewards showcasing the weapons available in the Season 22 activity.

Destiny 2 Savathûn’s Spire loot table and rewards

The Destiny 2 Savathûn’s Spire loot table and rewards are:

  • Kept Confidence – Hand Cannon (Strand, Kinetic)
  • Locus Locutus – Sniper Rifle (Stasis, Kinetic)
  • The Eremite – Fusion Rifle (Solar, Energy)
  • Brya’s Love – Scout Rifle (Void, Energy)
  • Eleatic Principle – Machine Gun (Arc, Heavy)
  • Semiotician – Rocket Launcher (Strand, Heavy)
  • Veiled Tithes armor
  • Feeble Offering
  • Robust Offering
  • Powerful Offering
  • Opaque Card
  • Witch’s Engram
  • Witch’s Key
  • Ritual Table reputation

As you can see, there are lots of great items up for grabs in the Savathûn’s Spire loot table. This includes not only weapons and armor from Season 22, but also Offerings used in the Destiny 2 Altars of Summoning activity, Opaque Cards for the Deck of Whispers, as well as reputation, Engrams, and other worthwhile loot.

However, if you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to weapons, keep your eyes peeled for Brya’s Love, Kept Confidence, and Eleatic Principle. While the remaining weapons aren’t bad, these stand out from the crowd with excellent perk combinations in PvE and PvP.

That covers everything you need to get started in the Destiny 2 Savathûn’s Spire activity in Season of the Witch, including the loot table and rewards that you can add to your collection. Given how jam-packed this activity can be, especially with the variety of objectives you’ll have to complete as well, having the best Destiny 2 weapons for PvE will certainly go a long way. It’s also possible that some of the Savathûn’s Spire loot table weapons will rise to the top of the list in PvE themselves, or even as some of the best Destiny 2 PvP weapons out there.