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Destiny 2 PvP map issues spur fans to make them in Halo instead

In lieu of new Destiny 2 PvP maps, members of the Bungie FPS' community are leaning on Halo Infinite Forge to create maps inspired by Destiny 2 lore.

Destiny 2 new pvp maps

One of the best things about Destiny 2 is duking it out with other players after grinding away to improve your Titan build or Warlock build. However, despite the popularity of Destiny 2 PvP, Bungie continues to be rather sluggish at making new maps for The Crucible – and members of the game’s community are getting impatient. So, to satisfy the need for some fresh locales, one solution presents itself in Halo Infinite Forge.

Over at the Destiny 2 Reddit, avid guardians are appreciating the ingenuity of Halo Infinite Forge map creators ‘NightAvenger01’, ‘BlazeDillon’, ‘anduwuin’, and ‘LevelDesigning’. Redditor ‘peacenattress’ brings attention to the “absolutely mindblowing Vex-themed PvP map”, which replicates Destiny 2’s aesthetic with rich detail.

Though the stunning creation is a bonafide win for Halo Infinite players, the creation highlights the absence of fresh PvP experiences for The Crucible. While there might have been 31 overall PvP maps in Destiny 2, many maps have been vaulted from earlier seasons. There is still some enjoyment to be found using the best Destiny 2 PvP weapons, but taking them into a brand new location would definitely aid to keep the overall experience exciting.

“We are so desperate for maps that we are making them in other games,” says ‘Tentacle_Poxiscle’. Others are more direct with their frustrations, as ‘JillSandwich117‘ says that “as a 20-year Bungie fan I can’t believe how completely they abandoned real support for PVP. Nothing but sandbox changes for years.” The Redditor notes that wasn’t “a single Halo or OG Marathon-inspired map as part of the anniversary.”

Absolutely mindblowing Vex themed PVP map made in Halo Infinite Forge by @NightAvenger01, @BlazeDillon, @anduwuin, and @LevelDesigning
by u/peacenattress in destiny2

“Man, how the hell does Halo get Destiny PvP maps before Destiny 2,” adds ‘LolgisticalOfficer’. The Destiny-inspired creation isn’t just a call for new maps, though. Some players believe that Bungie should add Forge-like creation tools into Destiny 2 too.

‘VectrumV’ suggests that “if Bungie had given us forge tools years ago, the amount of anger and rage and disappointment over the years could have been easily avoided and we’d be in a golden PvP era by now.” It is unlikely that Bungie would implement a Forge-type experience into Destiny 2 at this point in its lifespan, especially with the Destiny 2 The Final Shape release date looming in the distance.

Alongside the Marathon release date, a new era is approaching for Bungie fans, so it may be time to leave these PvP hopes behind.