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New Destiny 2 Lightfall weapon will turn it into a rhythm game

The latest Destiny 2 Lightfall trailer shows off some of the new weapons and armour we're getting in the next expansion, including plenty of Strand gear.

Destiny 2 Lightfall weapons: A large machine gun with an ammo belt full of purple glowing rounds

A brand new Destiny 2 Lightfall trailer has dropped, showcasing some of the new weapons and armour players can get their hands on when the massive new expansion drops later this month. Highlights include a Strand sidearm that fires tracking rounds, some fancy new Strand armour, an icy exotic, and a machine gun that will be music to the ears of any rhythm shooter fans.

The trailer begins with a look at Final Warning, a Strand sidearm that can be charged up to fire Osteo Striga-esque tracking bullets. While it looks a bit like an alien staple gun, this sidearm will be one of the first Destiny 2 Strand weapons we’ll be able to get our hands on.

While this is technically the first proper Strand weapon that’s been revealed, the trailer also highlights a new catalyst for Quicksilver Storm – the exotic currently available as a Lightfall pre-order incentive – which makes it a bit more, erm, Strandy.

Kills with Quicksilver Storm’s grenade rounds can spawn Strand tangles, a new overworld object that can be picked up and lobbed at enemies to create another damage-dealing explosion. Alternatively, if you’re a Warlock wearing the new Swarmers exotic leg armour, you can shoot these tangles, which will burst and spawn threadlings – cute little Strand beasties that will attack enemies on sight. Cute.

Other new Strand exotic armour includes a helmet for Hunters called Cyrtarachne’s Facade that will reduce your flinch while sniping after you’ve swung about on your grapple hook (we can already hear the cries from the PvP crowd) and a set of exotic Titan legs called Abeyant Leap that sends “lashes” of Strand energy out when placing a barricade.

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Back to weapons, and we’ve got a new machine gun that looks to give Void enjoyers more chances for debuffs, but also deals out said debuffs in a “rhythmic” fashion.

Dubbed Deterministic Chaos, this machine gun is essentially a mini rhythm game within Destiny 2. The steadily-firing weapon will have you keeping an ear out for the beat and an eye on your ammo count, as every fourth round will deal out the weakened effect and every 16th round will deal the volatile effect.

Finally, there’s an icy new exotic, and yes, it’s the Stasis glaive we’ve all been waiting for. Winterbite not only looks mouthwateringly good, but it has the ability to fire rounds that can freeze enemies on impact.

So, it seems there are plenty of contenders in Lightfall that will shakeup our lists of the best Destiny 2 weapons and best Destiny 2 armor. Add to this a few new seasonal legendary weapons as well as some desirable loot when the Destiny 2 Lightfall Raid release date comes around, and guardians will have plenty of new toys to play with.