Broken Destiny 2 Jade Rabbit disabled due to bugged perk

Bungie has temporarily disabled the Jade Rabbit exotic scout rifle in Destiny 2 following a rather troublesome exploit making use of the weapons' exotic perk

Destiny 2 Jade Rabbit disabled exoitc perk: an image of an armoured creature from the looter shooter

If you’re looking for a reason to jump into some Destiny 2 PvP action, you’ll be pleased to know that Bungie has finally announced that it is disabling the Jade Rabbit exotic scout rifle – at least temporarily. If you’re wondering why this weapon was disabled from the game, we have you covered. Vaguely, the Bungie Help social media account explained that it has “identified an issue with the Jade Rabbit exotic scout rifle” and that it has “temporarily disabled the weapon until a fix can be implemented”.

However, it appears that the real reason for this weapon’s disabling in-game was its’ exotic perk. Once equipped, the Jade Rabbit exotic perk – The Fate of All Fools – would remain active and apply itself to every other equipped weapon a player would switch to. When you consider the fact that The Fate of All Fools is an exotic perk that both boosts damage for chained body shots and replenishes ammo, it’s easy to understand why this could be quite broken.

Of course, when this exotic perk was just limited to the somewhat underpowered Jade Rabbit, it did require some skill to make full use of the benefits it offers – as you needed to consecutively land your shots.

But, throwing this onto a weapon with a faster fire rate like the Destiny 2 Manticore or the Destiny 2 Revision Zero is a recipie for overpowered disaster. As you can see below, in just one example of a Destiny 2 content creator explaining that the disabling of this weapon was inevitable, it’s something that needed to be fixed sooner rather than later.

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At the moment, we have no information on when this weapon will be returning to Destiny 2. As we said before, Bungie were quite vague about the whole thing. However, there is a hotfix due to be deployed on December 13 at 08:00 PST / 11:00 EST / 16:00 GMT. So, while we don’t have full confirmation the Jade Rabbit will return then, we could very well see it do so.

Whether you’re using the best Destiny 2 Hunter build, the best Destiny 2 Warlock build, or the best Destiny 2 Titan build, you’re going to have to wait to get your hands on the Jade Rabbit again. You will be pleased to know that Star Wars’ Cad Bane has become a guardian with new Destiny 2 dungeon armour – and it’s well worth checking out how you can do that for yourself.