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Destiny 2 Iron Banner - when does the PvP mode come back?

Looking to find out when Destiny 2 Iron Banner returns? Our guide has all the latest information on Bungie's PvP multiplayer mode in their sci-fi shooter

destiny 2 iron banner guardians going into the pvp game mode

Destiny 2 never ends, which is a good thing because standing next to Master Rahool at The Tower and imitating his voice to my fireteam squad mates never gets old. I suppose the gameplay is good too, especially as the latest expansion – The Witch Queen – released recently, breathing some fresh air into the game.

There’s one game mode in particular that veteran players who have reached (or are approaching) max Power Level will still be interested in playing – Destiny 2 Iron Banner. It’s the ultimate PvP experience, pitting teams of Guardians against each other with no Power Level normalisation, which means that if someone’s a higher level than you, then that’s just tough.

The Iron Banner event is time-limited, so you’re unable to play it all the time, which means you’re probably here looking for the next time the event is due to return. We’ll keep this guide updated, so bookmark it and read on below for all the latest Iron Banner time information.

When does Destiny 2 Iron Banner come back?

The Destiny 2 Iron Banner event returns on Tuesday, May 10. The event rolls around for one week per month, but it’s only available from one weekly reset to the next, which means you will have one week to dive in and accrue engrams.

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