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Destiny 2 hotfix chunks enemy health bars down to size

The Destiny 2 hotfix enemy health nerf offers budding Guardians in Destiny's FPS game a less laborious experience when fighting the forces of darkness.

Destiny 2 hotfix enemy health nerf: a Strand-toting Guardian

It’s a new weekly reset, and Destiny 2 hotfix is here. Finally, Destiny 2 players getting tired of plinking away at mobs of enemies will get some reprieve – at least in Neomuna and high level, non-raid or dungeon activities.

According to the patch notes, players mooching around Neomuna’s Freeroam will now run into fewer elite (orange health bar) enemies as they complete their Vex Incursion Zone patrols and, hopefully, conquer the more challenging Vex Strike Force event.

Additionally, enemy health scaling when tackling the NODE.OVRD.AVALON Legendary Exotic mission as a fireteam of two or three has been knocked down a peg. The latest ‘This Week at Bungie’ expands on this, stating that the scalar has been reduced by “33% in a full fireteam”, though it’s unclear what the reduction is for two-man squads.

Finally, the health scaling in “all non-raid/dungeon Legend and Master activities” has been cut by 10%. The impacted activities include: “Nightfalls, Battlegrounds, Lost Sectors, Offensives, Hunts, and Legend/Master campaign missions.”

With TWAB also offering an insight into the upcoming mid-season weapon buffs, Guardians should soon be able to revel in the joys of one-tapping basic red bar Dregs with their favourite Destiny 2 Lightfall weapons – or anything that’s not an SMG or Bow, for that matter.

Now that Quicksilver Storm – one of the best Destiny 2 Lightfall Exotic weapons – has been fixed, we can’t wait to give it a whirl post-patch.