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Destiny 2 Glimmer - how to get and farm

Here’s how to get Destiny 2 Glimmer, the game’s main currency so you’re always able to buy Exotics from Xur, materials from Rahool, and upgrade your gear.

Destiny 2 Glimmer: Master Rahool, the Cryptarch, the main vendor for Glimmer in Destiny 2.

Glimmer is involved in almost everything you’ll do in Destiny 2, from buying items from vendors and acquiring Bounties, to infusing your armour, getting items from the Monument to Lost Lights Exotic archive, and purchasing Exotic gear from Xur. As such, you’ll need a lot of this currency material. Thankfully, here’s our guide on how to Destiny 2 Glimmer and the best Glimmer farm.

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Destiny 2 Glimmer – how to get and farm

Destiny 2 Glimmer is the main in-game currency that you’ll use for almost everything and is obtained primarily through purchase from Master Rahool in The Tower, as well as the Seasonal Pass.

Here are all the methods of how to get Glimmer in Destiny 2:

  • Purchased from Master Rahool in The Tower
  • Reward for completing Playlist activities
  • Reward for defeating enemies, especially Majors and Ultras
  • Dismantling equipment
  • Rainmaker consumable will cause precision kills to have a chance to drop extra Glimmer
  • Glimmer Booster Ghost Mods
  • Season Pass

The best way to get Glimmer in Destiny 2 is to purchase it from Master Rahool, the Cryptarch in The Tower who handles Engram Decryption. Rahool offers material conversions in exchange for Glimmer, such as 10 Legendary Shards for 10,000 Glimmer, or 10 Dark Fragments, 10 Phantasmal Fragments, or 25 Herealways Pieces in return for 10,000 Glimmer. If you have planetary materials, 20 of each can be converted into 5,000 Glimmer.

Despite Rahool’s material exchange undoubtedly being the best way to farm Glimmer in Destiny 2, particularly using Legendary Shards, there are several other ways to get this currency, the second best being the Season Pass. At certain levels, both the free and paid Season Pass will reward players with sizable quantities of Glimmer, which is a great way to quickly refill your Glimmer stocks after a spending spree.

Earning Glimmer through activities and defeating enemies, although a fairly constant source of Glimmer, is also incredibly low value. For example, you’ll only earn a few thousand Glimmer for completing a Playlist activity, which is usually only enough to recuperate the cost of the Bounties you’ve likely purchased. Nevertheless, there are ways to increase your Glimmer earnings. For instance, there are a variety of Glimmer Boost Ghost Mods that significantly increase your Glimmer rewards. The Meager Glimmer Boost increases Glimmer gains by 5%, while the highest quality (besides Seasonal Mods) Prodigious Glimmer Booster will increase gains by 35%. It’s a good idea to always have a Glimmer Mod installed on your Ghost to passively increase your Glimmer earnings.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Destiny 2 Glimmer, the game’s main currency, and how to best farm Glimmer. Now you’re well on your way to buying all the items you want and upgrading your gear. Remember though, there are plenty of other important materials you’ll need to get your hands on, including Destiny 2 Ascendant Shards and Destiny 2 Ascendant Alloy before you can perfect your build and playstyle.