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Destiny 2 security drones locations

Get an idea of all the Destiny 2 drone locations in the game so you can work on getting them all and getting yourself an exclusive reward

Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph: A number of guardians can be seen fighting

If you have hopped into Destiny 2 and stumbled upon a giant floating ball, you may be wondering what they are for. Well, they are actually security drones and they can be used to nab yourself a unique Archangels Refit sparrow. In this guide, we will go over all those Destiny 2 drone locations across all the destinations where they can be found.

These drones aren’t able to be shot and destroyed with just any weapon, though. You will need to hunt down and get the Destiny 2 Revision Zero exotic which is a part of the Season of the Seraph. But, once you have it you can work your way towards getting this sparrow.

Destiny 2 drones locations

There are a total of 50 Destiny 2 security drones which can be found across the game’s planets and hidden in side areas, caves, and in the Heist Battlegrounds, as well as in Operation Seraph Shield. They are spread out in a variety of areas with no pattern to where they are so they can be difficult to find.

The amount in each location is as follows:

  • Operation Seraph’s Shield – 12 security drone locations
  • Europa – 10 security drone locations
  • The Moon – 10 security drone locations
  • Heist Battlegrounds – 18 security drone locations

You can find an in-depth guide on each one’s location below, alongside the following video guide from ‘Esoterickk‘ of the drones available in the Operation Seraph’s Shield quest.

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Operation Seraph’s Shield drone locations

As a note, not all of these are currently available as you will need to wait to get access to a security upgrade in the HELM.

Drone 1 location

At the start of the quest, in Nkechi’s Cut, jump down off the cliff underneath the walkway where the enemies are. Behind a door, in this corridor, you can find a drone, although it is time-gated and not available yet unless you glitch into the room.

Drone 2 location

After obtaining the second scanner buff in the Engineering Sector, you can duck into a vent as you look out to the corridor of the facility through a large window. Continue on through and then go through the lasers to find the drone above you in the room.

Drone 3 location

This drone can be found in the Engineering Sector after obtaining the third scanner buff. In a yellow-painted room, you will see a door underneath a window on your right. The drone is in here but currently unobtainable.

Drone 4 location

Before you reach the fire trap, you will reach a large square room with multiple levels. Jump down and then look up underneath the stairs on the floor above you. There is a small alcove you can jump into with glass walls. Here you can find the drone.

Drone 5 location

Further on, in the First Operator Room, you will find another locked door on your right. In here is the drone, but it is unobtainable currently.

Drone 6 location

After obtaining the Operator Buff, you will reach a room with Shriekers. Head to the back and go through the door with lasers. On your left, you can find a drone in the corridor.

Drone 7 location

Just before the first boss encounter, you will enter a largely white room with brown wire on a coil in front of you. To the right of the Augmentation Terminal is another door which is currently closed. Behind it houses the next drone.

Drone 8 location

In the first boss encounter room, you can find another closed door. Inside this door is the drone.

Drone 9 location

Out, after the spacewalk, you will find a large hangar in the Logistics Sector. Jump through the lasers and you can find the drone in here.

Drone 10 location

After finding the first operator room and before the final boss, you can find another locked door. This drone is currently unreachable.

Drone 11 location

After the final boss in the Warsat Control Nexus, you will enter a large orange and black room. On your right there is a locked door which can’t be opened right now.

Drone 12 location

Directly opposite that drone, look across and jump through the lasers by the door opposite. Here you can find the drone.

Europa drone locations

Drone 13 location

Next to the Beyond landing zone, you can find the security drone on top of a pillar where you originally got Stasis powers.

Drone 14 location

At the south edge of the Asterion Abyss, where you take the path down to connect to Beyond, you want to drive north, underneath the large structure. Against the wall of ice, you can find the drone.

Drone 15 location

Continue north from the drone above and head down to the frozen lake. Before you reach the ice proper you can find a small alcove on your left. In here is the drone. It can be found just north of the Lost Sector and next to the “A” in the location name on the map.

Drone 16 location

Inside the Concealed Void Lost Sector, you will pass over some white liquid onto a vex structure. Next to a terminal-like machine, you can find the security drone.

Drone 17 location

By the Eventide Ruins landing zone, head north to where a group of fallen are. It is denoted by an orange light. The drone can be found at the back of this Fallen spawn point.

Drone 18 location

Head back to the landing zone point and instead enter the destroyed building across from where you just were. It has scaffolding all around it. Here, climb all the way up using the platforms to find the security drone in the corner.

Drone 19 location

In the Bunker E15 Lost Sector, head into the main room and effectively do a loop. Going down the stairs from where you enter, head to the opposite side of the room and then look to your right to find a small side room with the drone inside.

Drone 20 location

In Cadmus Ridge, go to the southeastern corner by the cliff. Head upwards and stick to the right. As the path diverges to the right more, look up at the large vex structure. On a tip of the ice, you can find the drone.

Drone 21 location

From the last drone, head to the west, up the slope. Continue onwards, past the fallen and look to the left of the door. The security drone is sitting, tucked away there.

Drone 22 location

In the Perdition Lost Sector, the drone can be found right next to the chest you can open.

The Moon drone locations

Drone 23 location

In the south of Archer’s Line, head north to find an overhead rail which has broken. Clim up to it using the rock and walk along to see it in the distance by the roof of the building.

Drone 24 location

In the K1 Logistics lost sector, as you look out from the hangar at the Servitor boss, on your right you can find the drone.

Drone 25 location

Head to the northwest corner of the Anchor of Light area. By the spire of the large tower of the outpost you can find the drone.

Drone 26 location

From the last drone, head southeast to the large crashed ship. Back on the platforms leading into the ship you can find the drone.

Drone 27 location

Next, head to the Hellmouth and to the north along the right side. By the large Hive structure, on the edge of a cliff, you can find the drone.

Drone 28 location

From there, head to the southwest of the Hellmouth. On top of the large spire amongst the set of buildings, you can find a drone.

Drone 29 location

The next drone is in the K1 Crew Quarters Lost Sector. As you make your way through, you will eventually reach a green pool beneath you off the side of the cliff. On your right, you can find the drone by some Fallen structures.

Drone 30 location

From there, head to the eastern side of Sorrow’s Harbor. You can find the drone by a Hive summoning crystal.

Drone 31 location

Head to the north of Sorrow’s Harbor and into the large Hive entrance. Outside of the structure, past the playable area, you can look out the gap in the building and find the drone.

Drone 32 location

Finally, head inside the K1 Revelation Lost Sector. When you reach a large yellow structure against a rockface, you can jump down to the platform and look behind the mesh guard to find the drone.

Heist Battleground drone locations

Drone 33 location

The first six drones are in the Mars Heist Battleground. Outside the Bray building where you can see the large orange lights going into the sky, head to the left and follow the railing. Behind a wall is the drone.

Drone 34 location

Next head across to the opposite side of the area, near where the landing pad is. Behind a set of boxes you can find the drone.

Drone 35 location

Head into the Bray facility and as you pass the hive traps, look directly up. On a ledge by the roof, you can find the security drone.

Drone 36 location

When you head back outside and cross the hive growths on the building, jump down to where the Hive are and go down the staircase on the far side of the platform. The drone is sitting down here.

Drone 37 location

From there, continue forwards and past the Hive growths to the next platform. Up by the support structure of the catwalk, on the left, you can find the drone.

Drone 38 location

Finally, follow the path up to the top of the catwalk. Jump across and use your ghost on the door. Continue onwards and once you get halfway into this area, look behind you. On your left, high up, on top of the roof panels, you can find the final drone here.

Drone 39 location

The next six drones are on Europa during the Heist Battleground. At the start, in Cadmus Ridge, look behind the platform where the first group of Fallen is to find a drone on the cliff.

Drone 40 location

Once inside the large aqua and white room in the Bray facility, look up and to your left to see the drone poking out behind a wall.

Drone 41 location

Head into the room on your right from the last location and then take the second path on the right from the room. In this back storage room you can find the security drone behind some boxes.

Drone 42 location

Head forward and once you reach the red and white room in ‘Creation’ with some Hive, head to the back left. On the bottom floor, look opposite the door ahead to find the drone against a wall.

Drone 43 location

Eventually, you will reach a large set of platforms with Hive structures and walls that are teal and white. Look down to see some platforms with Hive. To the left of the Shrieker, you can see the drone on the platform from up here.

Drone 44 location

Finally, once you reach the white and red room in ‘Creation’ with some Fallen and Hive, go to the back right corner to find a drone.

Drone 45 location

The next six drones and the final six are in the Moon Heist Battleground. From the start in Archer’s Line, head forward and look up to the building on your right. Past some orange containers on the far side of the building, on the hill, you can see the security drone.

Drone 46 location

After you jump down in the Seraph Bunker, look back up the tube and on the right, you can see the drone about halfway up the tube you just fell down.

Drone 47 location

From the last drone, walk forward and through the door. On your right, you can find the security drone.

Drone 48 location

Continue forward a little and once you reach the large open room with computer equipment, look to your right to find the drone behind a desk.

Drone 49 location

Once again, continue forward into the next room and look up to the ceiling. Just to the right of the centre of the room you can see a drone floating.

Drone 50 location

In the Malahayati Submind Vault as you wait for reinforcements to arrive. Look slightly to the right to find the drone underneath a beam, outside the playable area.

If you prefer a video guide, you can check out this excellent guide through all the drone’s locations in the different destinations from ‘Esoterickk‘.

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That covers all the Destiny 2 drones locations. Now you should be able to grab that sparrow and get to grips with the Revision Zero. For more guides to boost your game in PvE and PvP, check out some of the best PvP weapons in Destiny 2 and the best Destiny 2 PvE weapons.