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COD Mobile dev to bring FPS series Delta Force back to PS5 and Xbox

For some strange reason, COD Mobile developer TiMi Studio Group is bringing the forgotten FPS franchise Delta Force back to PS5 and Xbox consoles in 2024.

Delta Force release date: an image of a soldier and some helicopters

If you can believe it, COD Mobile developer TiMi Studio Group is reviving the long-forgotten 2000s FPS franchise Delta Force for PS5 and Xbox in 2024. Revealed ahead of 2023’s Gamescom Opening Night Live showcase, where we should learn a little more about the Delta Force release date, IGN has dished some interesting details about the return of a series that unboubtedly paved the way for Call of Duty and Battlefield in the late 90s. We know it’s early, but this already looks like it could be one of the best FPS games on the way.

As shared by IGN in this report on the Delta Force reveal, TiMi Studio Group is ensuring the “large-scale multiplayer” that made the original Delta Force games so special is going to be present in the reboot with a story mode based on the 2001 movie Black Hawk Down. If you’re old enough to remember Delta Force, you might already know this, but Delta Force Black Hawk Down (which drew inspiration from the film) was released in 2003. So, you could say this reboot is going to be very faithful to the originals – at least in that regard.

Discussing the return of Delta Force, producer Shadow Guo shares that the developer’s “objective is to uphold the authentic essence of the original Delta Force game while infusing near-future flavor from both artistic and narrative perspectives… to ensure an authentic tone of resolute realism and professionalism within the military theme”.

If you’re more interested in whether this will become one of the best competitive FPS games out there when it drops, Guo reveals that the multiplayer element will “accomodate even larger-scale PvP than the previous 32-player limit” with the aim to “create a grand atmosphere of combat on ground, sea, and air” for players to experience.

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So, it sounds like this game is going to be a lot more Battlefield than it is Call of Duty – which isn’t a bad thing. 2023’s Gamescom Opening Night Live showcase is due to start at around 11:00 PST /14:00 EST / 19:00 BST on August 22. We should learn more about this, and several other upcoming Xbox games and upcoming PS5 games, then.

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