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Deathloop crossplay and cross-platform support explained

Do you want to know if Deathloop is crossplay when it arrives on all platforms from September 20, 2022? Here is what you need to know about the feature

Deathloop Crossplay: Colt can be seen using a sniper rifle

Deathloop is finally available on every platform and with some updates, Arkane has added in a number of features and new items or weapons to get. But, one feature that has eluded players ever since it was released on PS5 and PC is Deathloop crossplay.

While Deathloop’s multiplayer is somewhat unconventional with a 1v1 cat and mouse-like hunt between Colt and Juliana, it was surprising to not see crossplay at launch on PS5 and PC. This is especially true when you consider how ubiquitous the feature is these days.

Well, we have some good news for players who have been waiting for the opportunity to play the game with their friends on other platforms. Read on below for everything we know about Deathloop crossplay.

Deathloop crossplay and cross-platform support

Deathloop does not have crossplay currently. However, it will have crossplay from September 20, 2022, when the Golden Loop update goes live. As far as we know this will work across all platforms and storefronts. This will allow players on PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X|S to all compete against each other as they take part in the cat and mouse hunts as Juliana or Colt.

This crossplay support release will also coincide with Deathloop’s release on Xbox Series X|S, so you can expect a lot more in this updated version of the game on all platforms. This includes new updates, a new weapon, and new enemies.

So there you have it, that is when Deathloop crossplay is arriving and how it will work. If you are keen to know more about Deathloop on Game Pass, check out our other guides which cover the best weapons in the game and the locations of all the Almost Naked Guy locations.