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When will Deathloop be on Game Pass?

Will Deathloop hit Game Pass when it releases on Xbox? Here is what we know about the chances of it coming to the service on console, PC, and cloud

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Will Deathloop be on Game Pass? The game is finally hitting Xbox Series X|S and fans are interested in knowing if Arkane’s masterful and innovative game will launch into Game Pass as the studio is now a member of Xbox Game Studios.

Deathloop has been a critical darling ever since reviews came out and we loved it just as much as everyone else. In our Deathloop review for PS5, we called the game “effectively a masterpiece”, highlighting how Arkane had weaved together a unique experience that elevated the studio to another level, with some excellent characters and world-building.

However, Deathloop was stuck as a PS5 exclusive for a year, despite Microsoft now owning Arkane and Bethesda. So, read on to find answers to the question: ‘will Deathloop be on Game Pass?

Will Deathloop be on Game Pass?

Deathloop will release on Game Pass on September 20, 2022. Microsoft has committed to adding their first-party games to Game Pass at launch and Arkane is owned by Bethesda, which is owned by Microsoft, so that is continuing with Deathloop.

Of course, due to the PS5 exclusivity, Deathloop didn’t arrive on Game Pass or Xbox for a year. But that exclusivity window ended on September 14, 2022, so the game can finally release on Xbox. In addition to the release on Game Pass, the game will also have multiplayer cross-play from September 20, 2022, via an update.

So, there you have it, everything we know about Deathloop’s Game Pass release. Be sure to check out some of the upcoming Xbox Series X games in the meantime.