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Dead Space Master Override - how to get it and rig locations

Find out about the Dead Space Master Override, how to get it and all the Rig locations scattered around the Ishimura as you are exploring

Dead Space Master Override: Isaac can be seen in zero gravity

Aboard the Ishimura you will eventually need to grab yourself the Dead Space Master Override. This will allow you to unlock a variety of locations and areas throughout the ship, grabbing gear and other items in the process.

But, how exactly do you get the Dead Space Master Override and what steps do you need to take. In this guide we will take you through what you need to do. To kick things off you will need to begin the Dead Space side mission ‘You Are Not Authorized’. This will send you off on your way to picking up the Rigs.

Dead Space Master Override

The Dead Space Master Override allows you to access the highest security clearance areas and requires finding seven crew Rigs and making a master code.

The Rig’s can be unlocked as you progress if you know where to look but by Chapter 9, you will be able to find all of them. The rig locations to unlock the Dead Space Master Override in the You Are Not Authorized mission are:

Voelkner Rig location

The Voelkner Rig can be found in the Hangar Bay – Cargo, Flight Deck. It is to the side of the locked Flight Deck door, in the nearby room.

White Rig location

Next up is White’s Rig. This can be found in the Zero-G area, outside by the ADS Cannons in the bridge during chapter 4. It can also be obtained later where it is easier to grab.

Holt Rig location

Holt’s Rig in Dead Space can be found in the East Grow Chamber in Hydroponics. To access it you need to destroy the four sacs spreading tentacles throughout the room.

Dallas Rig location

Dallas’ Rig can be found in the Mining wing of the ship. You will naturally pick this up as a part of the main story during Chapter 7.

Rosseau Rig location

Rosseau’s Rig meanwhile is also found in Chapter 7, although you can backtrack and get it later. This can be obtained from the Engineering Wing, in a small storage room in the south, on floor 5.

Bailey Rig location

Bailey’s Rig can be obtained from chapter 8 onwards in the Comms Control Room. This is in the Communications Hub.

Benson Rig location

Benson’s Rig is found in Chapter 9 within the tram corridors of the Bridge on Floor 4. It is through the Crew Quarters door, by the Store.

That covers the Dead Space Master Override and how you can grab it for yourself. Now you can unlock even lockers, boxes, and locations across the Ishimura. By doing so, you can upgrade some of the best Dead Space remake weapons and find and buy more of the Dead Space suit upgrades and Dead Space weapon upgrades.