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Dead Island 2 weapon crafting welcomes Bloodborne to Hell-A

Dead Island 2 slayers are getting up to all kinds of hijinks in Hell-A, using Dead Island 2's weapon crafting to forge iconic Bloodborne weaponry in-game.

Dead Island 2 weapon crafting with The Hunter from Bloodborne

You’re simply spoilt for choice in Dead Island 2 when it comes to selecting weaponry. Whether you’re a sharpshooter or prefer using a samurai sword to carve up some nasty zombies, Dead Island 2’s weapon crafting mechanic ensures you’ll be whittling away to amass a hefty arsenal. Taking it one step further, some players are bringing the world of beloved FromSoftware action RPG Bloodborne to the shores of Hell-A.

If you’re looking for the best Dead Island 2 weapons, then Redditor ‘roboxsteven’ has a unique melee weapon to consider taking out on the road. The FromSoftware enthusiast explains that they “made a Tonitrus with the weapon mods in Dead Island 2” and it even resembles the Bloodborne equivalent statistically. Fellow Bloodborne fan ‘VrelEgg’ says it has “low durability, just like the real Tonitrus!”

The Tonitrus fits into the Mace-style of weaponry seen in the FromSoftware RPG and can be only wielded with one hand at any given time. It holds a special place within the Bloodborne canon, as it is the only weapon in the game to come with innate Bolt damage because it doesn’t need supplementary items like Bolt Paper or Blood Gems. Aside from its transformation attack, it also doesn’t use any stamina, which is always a plus in our book.

However, the Dead Island 2 version might not serve you too well on the streets of Los Angeles.

Tonitrus made in Dead Island 2
by u/roboxsteven in bloodborne

Welcoming a staggering amount of new Dead Island 2 players, the long-awaited sequel packs quite the punch in the combat department. Backed by a stupendous gore system, you’ll find that all of the Dead Island 2 characters bring unique Innate Skills to the table. Pairing each of them with the sheer amount of Dead Island 2 skill cards available makes them even more viable to shred through the zombie apocalypse.

Though, it is probably worth buffing your Dead Island 2 attributes along the way. If you’re on the fence about diving into the latest Dambuster Studios game, then The Loadout’s Dead Island 2 review has all you need to about whether it was the decade-long wait.

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