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Dead Island 2 attributes explained

Find out what each of the stats for the charcters in Dead Island 2 means and how they will affect your gameplay and zombie slaying skills.

Dead Island 2 Attributes: Jacob can be seen

One of the things that differentiate all the characters in Dead Island 2 is their attributes and stats. These make up the core of each individual’s playstyle so you will need to be observant as you begin the game and make the decision that is right for you.

Despite each character having a unique playstyle, there is quite definitely a best character in Dead Island 2 which you can pick. So, if you are just looking for the top Slayer, their attributes of them are the best out of the lot, which will help with survival and zombie killing in Dead Island 2. Here is what they all mean, as we discovered during our Dead Island 2 review.

Dead Island 2 attributes explained

The Dead Island 2 Attributes are:

  • Toughness – how much damage a character can withstand
  • Stamina – how much stamina attacks and movements use up
  • Health Recovery – how fast health is recovered
  • Critical Damage – how much damage critical hits do
  • Agility – how fast a character walks
  • Peak Health – how much health a character can have when maxed out
  • Resilience – how much protection against elemental and status effects a character has

These stats all are core to how you play and ultimately should play a role in which of the Dead Island 2 characters you choose.

Dead Island 2 Attributes: Carla can be seen in the menu


This is the basic damage a character can take. Higher numbers mean more damage can be taken. Do note this only applies to physical basic damage, not any kind of elemental damage you may take over time.


Unsurprisingly, stamina involves how much you can attack or move around before it is drained. It works almost identically to how it does in other games and will be key to how much damage you can do and how fast you can attack.

Health Recovery

Health recovery governs, well, health recovery. However, it doesn’t change how much health you recover, instead speeding it up. This is crucial for players who want a fast-paced build for a character.

Critical Damage

Critical Damage reflects the extra damage you are doing when you land a critical hit. These can be dealth with the different Dead Island 2 weapons, no matter if they are ranged or melee. This is best for those who are looking for pinpoint precision weapons or dealing a lot of damage.


While not all that important at a glance, agility is hugely integral to how your character will play and feel. This reflects their base walking speed, something you will be doing a lot, especially when fighting so keep an eye out if you are considering a fast or tanky build.

Peak Health

Peak Health reflects how much total health your character can have. You health increases as you level up, so this bar only gets bigger for those characters with a high stat.


Finally, as you get deeper into the game, you will come across new Dead Island 2 zombies types that do elemental damage. These, alongside environmental traps, can do a lot of damage, but if your character has a high stat here you will take less damage from them.

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With an overview of these attributes in Dead Island 2, you can begin slaying zombies and tackling missions in Hell-A. For guides to help you out, as well as other tips, be sure to take a look at our Dead Island 2 walkthrough.