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Where to find fuses in Dead Island 2

Find out how you can collect these items to unlock areas, locks, gates, and other secrets as you are exploring Hell-A with your character of choice

Dead Isladn 2 Fuses: Emma can be seen

Within the first few hours of playing Dead Island 2, you will probably be asking yourself where you can find fuses. These items, which are often needed to access locked-off areas are key to being able to properly upgrade your character and take down some of the tougher challenges in Hell-A.

These tougher challenges can come in the form of stronger Dead Island 2 zombies or more challenging encounters with more zombies. But the rewards are often worthwhile, so you shouldn’t skip over getting fuses when you can. Below you can find out how to get them easily in Dead Island 2 and where they are located.

Where to find fuses in Dead Island 2

You can obtain fuses in Dead Island 2 from Carlos in Emma’s mansion, as well as from a variety of vendors across Hell-A. The fuses cost just £1,500 to buy and you can hold a maximum of three.

Carlos will become a vendor after you help defend the mansion from attacking zombies, which we discovered during our Dead Island 2 review. Hidden behind the locks that require fuses you can often find extremely rare loot and rewards that can either be used or sold to recoup the cost of the fuse. You can’t hold a ton of fuses, however, instead, you can only hold a maximum of three.

You will reach Emma’s mansion quite early in the game (within the first five story missions). So, even though you don’t have access to a place to buy fuses right away, you will find one pretty quickly.

These rooms often are harder to get into as you explore more and get later in the game so you will potentially find tougher Apex Variants of zombies, traps, or just a horde of zombies ready to attack you. Be sure to bring weapons, gear, and equipment. These locations are marked on the map and scattered across Hell-A, so you will find a number of them as you complete the Dead Island 2 missions.

Dead Island 2 Fuses: A fuse box can be seen

Fuses are one of the most common items you will need to buy in the game, especially if you are looking to make the most of the best character in Dead Island 2, or the one of your choosing.

With these items now discovered and you having a method to get them consistently, it’s time to begin exploring more, making use of the many different Dead Island 2 weapons and weapon types. Alongside your basic tools, you will also want to bring useful Curveballs and upgraded weapons, as well.