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Can you drive cars in Dead Island 2?

Find out if you can run through zombies in the various maps in Dead Island 2, behind the wheel of a truck, or other vehicle, or if weapons are your only tool.

Dead Island 2 Drive Cars: A zombie can be seen

Can you drive cars in Dead Island 2? Vehicles were a major part of the original Dead Island and fans of the first game are returning to wonder if trucks, bikes, or other vehicles are able to be driven in Hell-A and the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, the answer probably isn’t what you want to hear.

Either way, don’t let that discourage you as there is a lot to Dead Island 2. This includes a number of core story missions in the Dead Island 2 missions list, that make the Dead Island 2 length about 15-20 hours for most players.

Can you drive cars in Dead Island 2?

You cannot drive cars in Dead Island 2. There are no usable vehicles in Hell-A, which we discovered during our Dead Island 2 review. The only way you can kill zombies is with your weapons, curveballs, and environmental explosions or traps.

Split between ranged and melee Dead Island 2 weapons, you do have a nice varied selection of tools to kill zombies. While cars were a lot of fun in the original game, given the structure of Dead Island 2’s maps, they aren’t really needed as they are all quite small as you hop between areas. Alongside the weapons you use, as you craft a build for yourself, you will want to ensure you are rolling with the best Dead Island 2 character for your playthrough.

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With the pairing of great weapons and the top Dead island 2 attributes for your Slayer, you can do as much damage as you like ever without a four-wheeler protecting you. And, when you need to spend some time to repair your weapons in Dead Island 2, you can do so with one of the many workbenches scattered around Hell-A. For even more tips as you play through, check out our Dead Island 2 walkthrough article.