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CS:GO knife commands: how to try any knife for free

If you're thinking of picking up a CSGO knife but you're not sure which one to pick, make sure to use these CS:GO knife commands to try any knife for free

CS:GO knife commands: A Bayonet knife

What are the CS:GO knife commands? Knives are some of CS:GO’s hottest cosmetic properties, but like many of the most desired skins in the game they fetch a heavy price tag. Even the cheapest CS:GO knives will set you back a fair amount – but what if there was a way to try out even the most expensive knife types for free?

Luckily, CS:GO has a rather expansive custom games system which allows you to birth game modes so wildly different from the main game, like CS:GO surf – so trying out a few knives isn’t that hard to figure out. Unfortunately you won’t be able to keep any of the knives, nor bring them over to matchmaking to show off to all your friends, but it is an excellent way of trialling knife types before you decide to make that commitment and purchase one for real.

So, want to know all the best CS:GO knife commands to get your hands on what could be your new favourite knife? Have a read on below for all the details.

How to set up a custom game in CS:GO

As mentioned earlier, the place that will allow you to test out the knives is a CS:GO custom game. Before you hop in to one though, make sure you’ve enabled the developer console as this will allow you to access cheats (the safe kind) and get your CS:GO knife commands working.

To do this, head to the settings menu and the game settings tab, and make sure the developer console option is set to ‘yes’. Once you’ve enabled the dev console, create a custom game by selecting ‘Practice with Bots’, changing the difficulty to no bots, and then picking the map of your choice – any of them will do.

As soon as you spawn into the map, you’ll want to change the round time to the max so you have enough time to test out all the knives. In doing this you will activate cheats anyway so it’s a good way to kill two birds with one stone. Just hit the ‘~’ key to open the dev console and pop in the two command lines below and the game should restart with an extended timer.

  • sv_cheats 1
  • mp_roundtime_defuse 60;mp_roundtime_hostage 60;mp_roundtime 60;mp_restartgame 1

CS:GO knife commands: A butterfly knife


The only command left before you can spawn in new knives is one that allows you to drop your knife like you would a normal weapon, allowing the new knife to be picked up. Just open the dev console, put in the following command: mp_drop_knife_enable 1, and then hit the G key to drop your knife and get started.

Once you’ve done that you can start trying out the knives. A full list of the knives with their corresponding CS:GO knife commands can be found below.

Knife Command
Bayonet give weapon_bayonet;ent_fire weapon_knife addoutput “classname weapon_knifegg”
Bowie Knife give weapon_knife_survival_bowie;ent_fire weapon_knife addoutput “classname weapon_knifegg”
Butterfly Knife give weapon_knife_butterfly;ent_fire weapon_knife addoutput “classname weapon_knifegg”
Classic Knife give weapon_knife_css;ent_fire weapon_knife addoutput “classname weapon_knifegg”
Falchion give weapon_knife_falchion;ent_fire weapon_knife addoutput “classname weapon_knifegg”
Flip Knife give weapon_knife_flip;ent_fire weapon_knife addoutput “classname weapon_knifegg”
Ghost Knife give weapon_knife_ghost;ent_fire weapon_knife addoutput “classname weapon_knifegg”
Gut Knife give weapon_knife_gut;ent_fire weapon_knife addoutput “classname weapon_knifegg”
Huntsman give weapon_knife_gut;ent_fire weapon_knife addoutput “classname weapon_knifegg”
Karambit give weapon_knife_karambit;ent_fire weapon_knife addoutput “classname weapon_knifegg”
M9 Bayonet give weapon_knife_m9_bayonet;ent_fire weapon_knife addoutput “classname weapon_knifegg
Navaja give weapon_knife_gypsy_jackknife;ent_fire weapon_knife addoutput “classname weapon_knifegg”
Nomad Knife give weapon_knife_outdoor;ent_fire weapon_knife addoutput “classname weapon_knifegg”
Paracord Knife give weapon_knife_cord;ent_fire weapon_knife addoutput “classname weapon_knifegg”
Shadow Daggers give weapon_knife_push;ent_fire weapon_knife addoutput “classname weapon_knifegg”
Skeleton Knife give weapon_knife_skeleton;ent_fire weapon_knife addoutput “classname weapon_knifegg”
Stiletto give weapon_knife_stiletto;ent_fire weapon_knife addoutput “classname weapon_knifegg”
Survival Knife give weapon_knife_canis;ent_fire weapon_knife addoutput “classname weapon_knifegg”
Talon give weapon_knife_widowmaker;;ent_fire weapon_knife addoutput “classname weapon_knifegg”
Ursus give weapon_knife_ursus;ent_fire weapon_knife addoutput “classname weapon_knifegg”

So there you have it, that rounds out the list of CS:GO knife commands that’ll allow you to try out any knife in the game.

If trying out these knives has sold you on the idea of actually buying one, make sure to check out our list of the best CS:GO skins and the most expensive CS:GO skins for some more advice on which one to pick up.