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The cheapest CS:GO knives in 2023

While it may be tempting to empty your bank account to pick up a fancy new knife skin, there is an alternative - here's the cheapest CS:GO knife right now

cheapest CS:GO knives: A player holds a gut knife above Tuscan in CS:GO

What is the cheapest CS:GO knife on the market right now? Well, the answer to that question changes depending on the ebb and flow of the Steam Marketplace, but there are a couple of contenders if you’re looking to splash some of your hard earned cash.

If you’re looking at this guide, it’s clear you’re not looking to break the bank on the best CS:GO skins available, but that’s ok – with a bit of research by yours truly (and some luck) you’ll still be able to land a shiny new knife that’ll get the rest of your CS:GO teammates talking.

But what is the cheapest CS:GO knife and how much will it set you back? In this guide, we’ll go through the top four cheapest CS:GO knives on the market right now, which will give you a couple of options to think about by the time your next pay day rolls around.

Of course, you could try your hand at unlocking one of the many CS:GO cases, but with small odds on unlocking one of the game’s most expensive items, you’re better off keeping your eyes firmly placed on the market.

Here are the top four cheapest CS:GO knives:

  • Navaja Knife
  • Shadow Daggers
  • Gut Knife
  • Falchion Knife

Cheapest CS:GO knife: A Navaja knife in CS:GO on a blue background

Navaja Knife

The Navaja Knife is nothing to write home about, but it is the cheapest CS:GO knife available right now. It might not look as fancy as some of the more expensive skins on this list, but this 2018 knife certainly looks much better than the default skin you have in-game.

You’ll be able to pick one of these knives up from about $110/£89, but if you want a more colourful or better condition one, you’ll need to fork out a little bit more.

Cheapest CS:GO knife: Shadow Dagger knives in CS:GO on a blue background

Shadow Daggers

Shadow Daggers have long been the butt of many in-game jokes, but they’re one of the cheapest set of knives you can buy right now. These were originally well sought-after when they were added to the game in 2015, but their value has diminished over the years.

Fortunately that means you can pick up a pair of Shadow Daggers from about $116/£94 – and they’ll be a damn sight more colourful than the Navaja Knife too.

Cheapest CS:GO knife: A Gut knife in CS:GO on a blue background

Gut Knife

There’s something quite satisfying about getting a kill with the Gut Knife. This beefy looking weapon, which wouldn’t look out of place in a butchers, was one of the first to be added to the game. Over the years, it’s become cheaper and cheaper, and while it’s not the cheapest on our list, it’s one of the best looking.

At the moment, Gut Knives start at around $134/£108 but this can scale quite considerably by skin and quality.

Cheapest CS:GO knife: A Falchion knife in CS:GO on a blue background

Falchion Knife

The Falchion Knife looks a little like the Navaja, but it’s a little bit flashier. While the colourways of this knife make it the most expensive on our list, you’ll still be able to pick a decent one up for cheaper.

This 2017 knife usually starts at around $149/£120 but if you’re looking for something other than basic skins, you’ll have to be willing to pay a little bit more.

So there you have it – all the details on the cheapest CS:GO knife right now. If you’re going to pick one up, make sure to scrub up on your knowledge of the CS:GO ranks so you can start your Silver to Global Elite run in style.