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The best CS:GO cases to open

From the Dreams and Nightmares to the Prisma, there are plenty of CS:GO cases available, but which are the best ones to open for skins?

CS:GO cases: A bunch of cases in front of long on Dust 2

What are the best CS:GO cases to open? Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been going now for 20 years, and over that time, the game has built quite a following for CS:GO cases.

These little loot box items can be bought or dropped in your inventory after a game, giving you the option of unlocking one of the best CS:GO skins. These aren’t quick wins, though. To open a CS:GO case, you’ll need to buy a key from the Steam marketplace, which retail for $2.50/£1.79. You’ll also need to work out which case you want to open – and some are better than others.

So what are the different CS:GO cases, how much are they, and which ones are worth opening? Here’s everything you need to know.

Best CS:GO cases

While CS:GO has over 30 cases available in game, not all of them are worth opening due to the skins available inside. So which ones should you sell and which ones should you open?

These are considered as the top ten CS:GO cases to open right now:

  • Huntsman Weapon Case
  • Recoil Case
  • Operation Broken Fang Case
  • Winter Offensive Weapon Case
  • Clutch Case
  • Danger Zone Case
  • Glove Case
  • Gamma Case
  • Prisma Case
  • Prisma 2 Case

CS:GO cases best: A Dreams and Nightmares case

How to get CS:GO cases

How do you get CS:GO cases? Well, sometimes after a game you’ll be given one for free. If you’re not that lucky – or you just want to bolster your inventory – can you buy them from the Steam marketplace.

How to sell CS:GO cases

Not interested in CS:GO skins? Well, sell your cases to someone then! In CS:GO, you can sell your cases to someone else via the marketplace. To do this, right click on your case, hit sell on the marketplace, set your price, and you’re good to go.