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Warzone Season 5 guns and weapons

Here are all of the new Warzone Season 5 guns and weapons you can add to your armory in the upcoming update for PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC.

Warzone Season 5 Guns: A soldier can be seen

It’s time for some new Warzone Season 5 guns to take the stage, as Call of Duty’s popular battle royale drops some new weaponry into the mix with its latest seasonal update. Season 5 is packed with new guns, six of them to be exact, including a fan favourite.

Every few months, we hope that some new weapons can shift the Warzone meta to give us something exciting and refreshing to try out in one of the best battle royale games. You can often expect a new seasonal weapon to end up on our best Warzone guns list, as they often release slightly overpowered to encourage people to use them. So, what’s on the menu for Warzone Season 5?

Warzone Season 5 guns and weapons

The six Warzone Season 5 guns and weapons are:

  • FR Advancer – assault rifle
  • Carrack .300 – sniper rifle
  • M13C – assault rifle
  • To be confirmed handgun
  • To be confirmed SMG
  • To be confirmed melee weapon

You can see all of the new weapons we know the names of so far below:

Warzone Season 5 Guns: The FR Advancer can be seen

FR Advancer – assault rifle

The FR Advancer marks the return of the Modern Warfare 2 (2009) FAMAS. This AR is undoubtedly going to be strong with its classic feel and aggressive damage and range. It will be available through the battle pass for free, for everyone.

Warzone Season 5 Guns: The Carrick .300 can be seen

Carrack .300 – sniper rifle

The Carrack .300 is a powerful, uniquely designed sniper with a semi-automatic fire rate, effective at long ranges and keeping up the pressure on opponents. It is also great at landing quick kills and will be free for everyone in the battle pass. You may also recognize it as a very, very close cousin of the WA2000 from the original MW2.

Warzone Season 5 Guns: The M13C can be seen

M13C – assault rifle

The M13C will be dropping in the middle of Season 5 and it is a versatile assault rifle able to hit hard and support any secondary. Its unlock requirements haven’t been revealed yet, but it will likely require you to complete some kind of in-game challenge, such as getting a specific type of kill with a certain class of weapon.

Are the Warzone Season 5 guns worth unlocking?

Definitely, as many new weapons are quite powerful when first released into Warzone. It looks like the FR Advancer could be especially powerful right now, considering Warzone’s focus on fast-paced encounters with Resurgence being a big mode.

There’s likely to be nerfs to some of these guns in future patches, so they’re worth picking up and leveling up before Activision decides they’re not worthy of being the best weapons anymore – which is likely when new guns or bundles arrive.

When more is known about the rest of the new Warzone Season 5 weapons, we’ll be sure to update this guide. But for now, that’s everything you need to know. Find out when you can test them out with the Warzone Season 5 release date fast approaching, and make sure to keep an eye on a reveal of the MW3 release date which is expected to arrive in an event during the season.