Warzone Season 1 set to add this very groovy Evil Dead vehicle

We've already seen the arrival of Ash Williams and his Boomstick, now Warzone Season 1 is set to add this excellent Evil Dead vehicle.

warzone evil dead battle pass

Warzone Season 1 begins shortly for Call of Duty players, as the floodgates of Urzikstan usher in a fresh era for the battle royale. Gone is Al Mazrah, and instead a very Verdansk-style map takes its place. You’ll need an effective method of transportation to navigate the new Warzone map, and it appears that fans of The Evil Dead are in for a real treat yet. Yes, we’re both thinking it, and yes, that iconic vehicle is coming.

After equipping one of the best Warzone loadouts around, break through the Warzone meta, and feast your eyes on this piece of cinematic history. Yes, it seems that the legendary 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 seen on the big screen will become a cosmetic for the Hatchback car in Warzone. Following the appearance of Ash Williams and the awesome Boomstick blueprint, we’re happy to see that Activision is rounding out this Call of Duty bundle with this lovable scrap heap.

This according to ‘BoomstickButch’ on social media, who highlights that the Delta 88 is part of the new Season 1 battle pass, available in both Warzone and Modern Warfare 3. But why is this rusted piece of junk important to one of the best battle royale games around? Well, if you didn’t know, this car actually belongs to Sam Raimi, the director of The Evil Dead and original Spider-Man movie trilogies, easily amid the best Sam Raimi movies you can watch right now.

warzone evil dead battle pass

Raimi even included it in the recent Doctor Strange sequel, though you’ll need to keep an eagle-eye out for it. The car was gifted to Raimi by his father in 1973, and has remained in his possession ever since. Talk about getting your mileage of it, huh? Boomstick Butch also adds that players can expect “a new Ash skin” too, and we’re seriously hoping it is an Army of Darkness variant of the character.

Army of Darkness sees Ash Williams transported back to Medieval times, battling skeletons, and all manner of spooky foes – all while trying to get back to the future. Some people might say Evil Dead 2 is the best of the trilogy, we think Army of Darkness is a strong contender to take that spot.

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Season 1 launches on Friday, December 1, 2023, and you can also expect new content for MW3 Zombies, including Dark Aether rifts which harbor some unexpected surprises and secrets.