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Call of Duty: Warzone glitch suggests private lobbies are coming

The screenshots suggest that a private lobby mode could be coming to the hit battle royale

Warzone character Captain Price smoking a cigar

It looks like private lobbies could be making their way into Call of Duty: Warzone matches before too long. Players have been speculating about the custom mode for a long time, but finally two players have managed to access private matchmaking in-game.

Twitter users ‘GlitchHunterz’ and ‘DetectiveWaffle’ somehow found their way into private lobbies a couple of days ago, tweeting out their results. The mode isn’t yet confirmed, but footage of the pair’s exploits is circulating social media. Fans of the game are very excited, as this could mean exciting custom game modes are on the way.

Players are interested in private lobbies because they usually allow you to set your own custom rules for the game – such as shotguns-only or giving players more health and armour. Neither Activision nor Infinity Ward has commented on the footage, which GlitchHunterz claims was, appropriately, a “glitch”, but the evidence seems strong that private lobbies could be coming sooner rather than later.

Warzone’s latest update brought a subway-based fast travel system and it looks like the next will tweak the somewhat overpowered AS-VAL and SP-R weapons. However, if custom lobbies do become a thing of the future, players may be able to stop certain weapons from spawning – good news if you’re fed up of being headshotted from a kilometre away.

If custom lobbies take inspiration from those in other games, it seems unlikely that you’ll be able to farm XP in them, however, for fun with friends, it could be great.

If you’re looking to rank up, this might not be the mode for you, but you can always check out our Call of Duty: Warzone tips or take inspiration from (*cough* copy *cough*) some of NICKMERCS’ Warzone loadouts.