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Call of Duty: Warzone’s overpowered DMR is finally getting nerfed

Four Black Ops Cold War guns are being targeted in a weapon balancing update soon

MAC-10 Warzone loadout: A Warzone character shooting a MAC-10 into a building

After several terrifying weeks in Verdansk and Rebirth Island, the meta-ruling trio of the DMR 14 tactical rifle, MAC-10 SMG, and dual Diamatti pistols are all getting long-overdue nerfs in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Raven Software, one of the Activision-owned studios that worked on Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War alongside lead developer Treyarch, has revealed that a weapon balancing update is imminent in Warzone. Raven, which now appears to have been handed weapon balancing duties for the battle royale, says it has “heard” players’ qualms with some of the new Black Ops Cold War weapons thrown into Warzone at the start of Season One. In the announcement, it singles out the deadly trio of the DMR, MAC-10, and “dual pistols” (which we assume are the Diamattis), as well as the Type 63 tactical rifle as the weapons that will be nerfed in the update.

Sadly, there are no specifics on when the update will hit Warzone, but it sounds like it isn’t far away. There is also no word on what other weapons, if any, will receive buffs or nerfs. However, the wording of Raven’s tweet suggests it is just the four mentioned that are being tweaked.

While a number of pro Warzone players and streamers, such as Kristopher ‘Swagg’ Lamberson and Jordan ‘HusKerrs’ Thomas, express their sadness at their beloved MAC-10 getting a nerf, it’s safe to say the SMG needs reeling back.

There is also widespread celebration at the news that the DMR would be getting a nerf, with the tactical rifle being capable of two or three-shotting fully-armoured players at almost any range. It is currently, without a doubt, the best Warzone gun in the game right now.

With the update just around the corner, make the most of these OP weapons while you can. Check out our best DMR Warzone loadout and best MAC-10 Warzone loadout for some lethal builds.

With this quartet of Black Ops Cold War weapons finally getting the nerfs they deserve, it will be interesting to see how far down the pecking order they slide and if the meta will return to Modern Warfare guns such as the Kilo or R9-0 shotgun.

Other Cold War guns like the M16 and Stoner could also see a massive increase in usage.