The best Streetsweeper Warzone loadout

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The Streetsweeper shotgun hanging on a wall

27/12/2020 The Streetsweeper has been removed from players’ inventories in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. However, at present it remains in custom loadouts.

The Streetsweeper shotgun was released in Call of Duty: Warzone by way of a secret challenge last week, and it looks pretty good already. We still don’t know if the secret challenge were intentional or not, but we were told the Streetsweeper would arrive at some point mid-Season One, so it seems like an error.

Whether it was intentional or not, the Streetsweeper is here for your battle royale matches, and if you want something close-ranged, then this is the shotgun for you. With automatic fire and a hefty 18-round drum, it’s simply a point-and-delete scenario if you’re close enough.

While this shotgun is unlikely to be meta-defining, it will do lethal damage in buildings. If you want to maximise your damage with the best Warzone guns, then the R9-0 is probably still your best pick for shotguns. But if you want to surprise opponents with a few automatic shells to the face, then there’s no better weapon to do so than the Streetsweeper.

Here’s our picks for the best Streetsweeper loadouts in Warzone:

Best balanced Streetsweeper Warzone loadout

The best all-round Streetsweeper loadout is:

  • Duckbill Choke
  • 14.4” Task Force
  • SWAT 5mw Laser SIght
  • No Stock
  • STANNAG 18 Rnd

This loadout prioritises hip-fire, despite the fact that the lack of stock can decrease the accuracy a little. The Duckbill increases the spread of your pellet by around 50%, though, so you’re bound to do a little damage just by pointing in the right direction.

The 18-round magazine is arguably the most important attachment, as the Streetsweeper takes hours to reload. Not literally of course, but manually loading in shells takes a good 30 seconds, so make sure to only reload when you’re completely safe to do so.

This is one of NICKMERCS’ Warzone loadouts, and he used it to great effect on stream recently, so there’s no reason why you can’t, too.

Best Streetsweeper Warzone loadout for damage

The best Streetsweeper Warzone loadout for damage is:

  • Agency Choke
  • 13.3” Hammer Forged
  • SWAT 5mw Laser Sight
  • Marathon Stock
  • STANNAG 18 Rnd

Shoutout to IceManIsaac for this loadout, which keeps the spread of each shell nice and tight, maximising damage but making it even more important to hit your shots.

This loadout has some similarities – clearly the biggest magazine is the best option – but changes the stock, choke, and barrel. IceManIsaac noticed that the 5mw Laser Sight actually tightens the shotgun’s spread, and went all-in on maximising damage.

If you are confident you can hit your shots, the Marathon Stock gives you a nice speed boost (yes, even moreso than going without a stock) and the 13.3” barrel has the fastest fire rate.

Both of these loadouts will obviously need pairing with something with a bit more range – there’s no point carrying an SMG and a shotgun. Whatever you choose, grab your Streetsweeper when you get up close, and watch the bodies hit the floor.

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