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Stoner 63 Warzone loadout - best attachments, perks, and equipment

Find out the best Warzone Stoner build that tore up the battle royale.

A Stoner 63 LMG from Black Ops Cold War

 You can no longer get or use the Stoner 63 in Warzone because this version of the game was shut down. However, this guide will be updated and will be useful if the Stoner 63 returns.

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Stoner 63 joined a long old list of ridiculously overpowered LMGs during the Black Ops Cold War era. You all remember the Bruen right? That thing was terrifying in its prime. And Season 4’s MG 82? That could melt players in an instant. Well, the Stoner 63 wasn’t quite as overpowered as some of its predecessors, but this Black Ops Cold War LMG really packed a punch when it was added in Season 5.

It delivered everything you could ever want in an LMG – lots of damage and bullets, essentially – and became one of the best Warzone guns in the battle royale game at the time.

With the removal of Black Ops Cold War’s integration with Warzone, its arsenal and all of its content were removed from the battle royale mode. Yes, that, unfortunately, means that you can’t currently get the Stoner 63 in Warzone anymore – though there’s always a chance fan-favorite guns can make a return.

Stoner Warzone loadout

The best Warzone Stoner 63 build was:

  • Agency Suppressor
  • 21.8″ Task Force Barrel
  • Axial Arms 3x
  • Field Agent Grip
  • 120 Rnd Mag

These attachments turned the Stoner 63 into exactly what you wanted it to be in Warzone – a long-range turret that could beam enemies at far distances. Let’s be honest, if you wanted to run and gun, it wasn’t an LMG you wanted to put in your loadout, was it? That was an SMG’s job.

The Agency Suppressor and Task Force barrel boosted your damage range and bullet velocity, and the Field Agent Grip helped with recoil control. The 120-Round Mag meant that you could dispatch entire teams with more than enough bullets to spare. It also meant you wouldn’t get caught out reloading, which took a while on any of Warzone’s LMGs.

Warzone Stoner 63 loadout: A player under fire while getting their loadout from a crate.

Stoner Warzone class setup

Because this Stoner 63 Warzone class had low mobility, you needed something a bit more spritely for those close-quarters battles. We recommended one of the builds in either our MAC-10 Warzone loadout or MP5 Warzone loadout guides, as these gave you a much more nimble backup weapon for when the Stoner was out of its depth. If you wanted, you could have used a shotgun too if you were really concerned about having a close-range backup, though SMGs were much more versatile.

Stoner Warzone loadout perks

For your perks, Double Time, Overkill, and Amped were what you were looking for.

Double Time increased your sprinting duration, making you more mobile with that heavy old Stoner in hand. Overkill let you run the Stoner alongside a MAC-10 or an MP5. Finally, Amped also helped with the cumbersome LMG, as it made your weapon-swapping speed much faster.

These perks were the meta for a reason, dominating the battle royale for pretty much the full lifespan of Black Ops Cold War’s integration. They were simply perfect for nearly every loadout, and the Stoner was no exception.

Stoner Warzone loadout equipment

For your tactical and lethal equipment in this Stoner loadout, a Heartbeat Sensor was a must, while either a Semtex, C4, or Thermite Grenade worked well in the lethal slot for flushing enemies out.

This Stoner Warzone loadout was an absolute beast, even if it wasn’t at the very top of the Warzone meta at the time.