The best CARV.2 Warzone loadout

A tactical rifle to rival the M16 and the AUG?

An operator wielding a CARV.2 tactical rifle in Black Ops Cold War

Of the six new weapons added to Season 3 of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the CARV.2 has been the one that Warzone players, in particular, have been the most interested in.

In the battle royale, tactical rifles have been notoriously overpowered, with the best M16 Warzone loadout still being one of the strongest in the game despite getting hit with nerfs. Players have also previously been scarred by the hideously OP DMR-14 and the savage AUG.

So, do we have more of the same with the CARV.2? Well, once you’ve unlocked the CARV.2 by completing an in-game challenge (or by diving into your wallet) you’ll find a tactical rifle that boasts little to no recoil and decent damage numbers. With the right attachments, it can certainly put in a shift in Verdansk. It might not be quite as scary as its predecessors, but we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t worth giving the CARV.2 a run out in your next Warzone sesh.

It’s still early days, but we’ve spotted a particularly strong-looking class from YouTuber ‘BennyCentral’ that we think is the best CARV.2 build in Warzone at the moment.

Best Carv2 Warzone loadout

  • Agency Silencer
  • 22.3″ Cavalry Lancer
  • Axial Arms 3x
  • Field Agent Foregrip
  • 45 Rnd Speed Mag

This is the quintessential set of attachments for any long-range tactical rifle, and is the kind of set up we’ve seen on the M16 or AUG in the past.

The focus here is on increasing damage and bullet velocity, while also reducing the recoil and giving you some extra bullets in the mag.

As you can probably see, though, we’ve made one change to BennyCentral’s CARV.2 class here. According to fellow YouTuber ‘JGOD’, who has created a full damage profile for the new gun, most of the barrel attachments are currently bugged and do not give the benefits they say they do in the gunsmith menu.

That means to get the increase in bullet velocity you want, you’ll have to run the Cavalry Lancer barrel. While it may say it increases vehicle damage in-game, it is actually the only barrel to provide any kind of buff to bullet velocity.

With the CARV.2 being a mid to long-range specialist, you’ll want to pair it with something that can shred enemies at close-range in a blink of an eye. Go and check out our best MAC-10 Warzone loadout for some inspiration.

For your perks, you’ll want either Double Time or E.O.D. as your Perk 1, Overkill as Perk 2, and Amped as Perk 3.

We personally love the combination of Heartbeat Sensor and Thermite Grenades for your equipment, but you could also swap out the latter for C4 or Semtex if that’s more your cup of tea.

Is the CARV.2 one of the best Warzone guns in Season 3? It’s too early to tell just yet. But regardless, this loadout should put you in good stead for your next hot drop into Verdansk.