The best M16 Warzone loadout

The burst tactical rifle can two-tap opponents, so here are the best M16 Warzone loadouts to maximise your effectiveness

Best M16 Warzone loadout: the Tactical Rifle hanging on a wall

Call of Duty: Warzone has a constantly shifting meta, and the gun that seems to be getting its time to shine is the M16. The gun, popular already in its origin game Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, is well known for its ability to put someone down at range. If you’re prone to a bit of skullduggery or you want to lay in the bushes a long way away, the M16 is for you.

But how should you set it up? The M16 isn’t a meta-monster like the CR-56 AMAX or the FFAR 1 is, and to get the best of it you actually have a couple of different options to make it sing. This best M16 Warzone loadout doesn’t require much in the way of unlocks and is damned powerful, so should get you out there popping heads as fast as possible.

It’s worth noting that the M16 will get absolutely shredded if you try to get up close to just about anyone. If you’re playing in a squad, make sure someone has your back. If you’re flying solo, try to keep your distance and keep to positions where you have a clear sight line. At mid-range you’re a king, but up close you’ll go down like wet cardboard under automatic weapons fire.

We’re still testing the full capabilities of the M16, but for now we recommend going with a long-range configuration.

Best M16 Warzone loadout

  • SOCOM Eliminator
  • 20.5” Task Force
  • Axial Arms 3x
  • Field Agent Foregrip
  • STANNAG 50 Rnd

The most important attachment for the M16 is the foregrip. It might sound silly, but the tactical rifle has some serious vertical recoil at longer ranges, so keeping on top of that is of utmost importance.

Elsewhere, we’ve picked a big magazine, a barrel that increases your stopping power, and a 3x optic for nailing those opponents from afar. This gun could also work at closer ranges with a 2x or even a Hawkmoor sight, but there are plenty of SMGs and shotgunsin our best Warzone guns list that are devastating when you get in someone’s face.

The muzzle attachment also helps a little with the vertical recoil problem, but also hides your muzzle flash, making it harder for opponents to spot your position. Obviously we’d recommend you keep moving as much as possible – even from window to window of the same building can help your chances – but if you have the perfect view of an enemy position, then bunker down and watch out for pushes.

We’d recommend pairing the M16 with something short-ranged for those up-close-and-personal fights – check out our pick of the best MAC-10 Warzone loadout for some inspiration.

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