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Ashika Island brings about hope for a proper Warzone 2 weather system

Warzone 2 drops players into Al Mazrah and the upcoming Ashika Island map, and now COD community members are eager to see weather mechanics in the MW2 spin-off.

Operator wielding a sub machine gun in Warzone 2

Whether it is Al Mazrah or the upcoming Ashika Island map, we’re sure suncream sales are high for operators dropping into Warzone 2. Both maps continue the tradition of strictly daylight settings, with no change on the horizon in sight. However, COD players are hoping that developer Infinity Ward can take a page from rivals like Fortnite or PUBG, by implementing dynamic weather mechanics. Warzone 2 Season 2 is almost here, and it might be time to get our umbrellas.

In the latest batch of Call of Duty blog posts, developer Infinity Ward states “players will infiltrate on the shores of the island […] infiltration is under heavy fog that can impact combat by providing cover for both Operators and the occupying force: Shadow Company.” While this mention of fog is tied to Warzone 2 DMZ mode currently, Call of Duty fans can observe an array of POI images for Ashika Island depicting the ominous mist. Weather effects in DMZ have been mentioned before in relation to Al Mazrah, as sandstorms “can kick up at any time, reducing visibility and damaging operators over time.”

Despite these enthralling conditions for DMZ players, these effects have yet to debut in the game’s battle royale mode. Members of the Warzone 2 Reddit community are ready for this stipulation to change, with Redditor ‘qwazimoda99’ suggesting they “would like to see the change of day and night in-game.” Additionally, they cite PUBG as an inspiration and claim they “wouldn’t refuse [to see] dynamic weather either.”

I would like to see the change of day and night in the game (at least as in the PUBG). I wouldn’t refuse dynamic weather either. from CODWarzone

“I’d love the sun moving across the sky changing where good sniping positions are. Actually needing/having a use for night vision goggles. Dropping in under cover of night,” adds ‘rab-byte‘ in response. Though this would add a new sense of player awareness, and others express they’ve “been wanting dynamic weather forever”, some COD players aren’t as enthused.

Warzone 2 can be a complex endeavour, as perks like Bird’s Eye and the best Warzone 2 guns can stop players from utilising their environment. “You can’t see a damn thing in broad daylight why do you want to play at night,” says ‘sssavio‘. Alongside this concern, some players feel dynamic weather effects could make Warzone 2 “even more slow and campy”.

We’ve seen Call of Duty use weather to captivating degrees before, with both the COD4 and MW2 (2022) campaigns making use of oceanic environments to achieve a cinematic atmosphere. Harnessing the power of next-gen to bring Warzone 2 to life, it wouldn’t hurt to see experimentation with the battle royale’s landscapes.

Nonetheless, we’ll just have to wait until the Warzone 2 Season 2 release date to see what Ashika Island is all about. Make sure you’re using equipment like the best Warzone 2 M13B loadout to get the jump on your enemies.