New MW3 Prime Gaming pack includes exclusive gun camo, claim it fast

A fresh MW3 Prime Gaming pack is available, bringing Call of Duty players an exclusive weapon camo they won't need to grind for online.

MW3 Prime Gaming sherbet rush bundle

The quest to acquire all the Modern Warfare 3 camos is fun, but getting Interstellar isn’t an overnight task. We all love a freebie, especially when it comes to Call of Duty, and that’s where the new MW3 Prime Gaming pack comes into play. If you’re looking to flex a camo that your friends probably don’t have, then this latest bundle is definitely for you.

As you make your way through all the MW3 guns, equipping the slickest weapon skins around does bring a smile to our face. Gone are the days of Blue/Red Tiger acting as the peak of Call of Duty social status, now it is all about Gilded and above. While the new Prime Gaming pack isn’t drenched in Gold, it is exceptionally vibrant and will likely match your ideal RGB lighting setup. Come on, we’ve all got them. The ‘Sherbet Rush’ bundle is applicable only to 2 weapons, which are sadly from the Modern Warfare 2 weapon family.

The good thing is that Modern Warfare 3’s carry forward scheme allows you to wield it across current playlists like Rust 24/7 and beyond. We’re also appreciative that the weapons included are the Lachmann Sub and Kastov 545, which are both viable picks amid the ongoing MW3 meta.

MW3 Prime Gaming Sherbet Rush bundle

The Lachmann Sub specifically is still one of the best SMGs around, and easily one of the best MW3 guns you can take into the battlefield. You’ll also get some other dazzling cosmetics to display too, so here’s a full breakdown of this MW3 Prime Gaming bundle:

  • Sugar High – Lachmann Sub Weapon Blueprint
  • Head Rush – Kastov 545 Weapon Blueprint
  • Death By Sherbet – Loading Screen
  • BAMF – Charm
  • Melting – Emblem

It is certainly one of the better Prime Gaming bundles for a COD entry as of late. We’re digging the pastel color scheme going on here, and it would be elevated to the next level if it was animated. You’ll have to keep grinding for that kind of luxury, though, as animated camos are reserved for Priceless and Interstellar in MW3 multiplayer. And we haven’t even begun to consider all the MW3 Zombies camos left to grind for.

Don’t hesitate to claim this pack, as you have until Thursday, December 21, 2023, to add it to your arsenal.