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Does Captain Price die in Call of Duty MW3?

We’re hoping for an explosive sequel with the upcoming release of Modern Warfare 3, but does Captain Price die in Call of Duty MW3?

Does Price die in MW3: Price from Modern Warfare 2 in front of the MW3 red background

After teases and snippets of information, Activision has finally revealed 2023’s Call of Duty as Modern Warfare 3. And, with a new gameplay reveal trailer, all eyes are on the story and which characters will make it out alive at the end, but does Captain Price die in Call of Duty MW3 2023?

Before you jump into the Call of Duty MW3 campaign ahead of the Call of Duty MW3 release date, we’re hoping it can be a bombastic entry into one of the best FPS game series. But as Task Force 141’s challenges become more difficult, there are going to be some fatalities in the Call of Duty MW3 characters list.

Does Captain Price die in Call of Duty MW3?

It’s unlikely that Captain Price dies in 2023’s Call of Duty MW3. Considering the gameplay reveal trailer showcases a moment where he drops to the ground after being held by Soap, this seems to be a way to subvert your expectations.

Plenty of characters died within the original Modern Warfare trilogy, with Price being one of the main ones to survive. However, considering all of Task Force 141 is currently alive, many people expect Price to die in this version of events.

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But since the recent gameplay reveal trailer for MW3 showcases a moment that seems to confirm Price’s death, it’s likely that it is hoping you expect his death, while another main character will die instead. Of course, this is complete speculation, but why would a major character death be in a trailer for the game?

As for who will die during the campaign, it’s anyone’s guess right now. They may follow the original story and kill off Ghost, Soap, and more, or in a truly surprising fashion, keep everyone alive for the third time. Fortunately, if you make your Call of Duty MW3 pre-orders now, you can get into the Call of Duty MW3 early access period to play the campaign even sooner than the launch.

That’s all we know about whether Captain Price dies in Call of Duty MW3 or not. If you’re a fan of the best competitive FPS game series, you may want to find out how to get access during the Call of Duty MW3 beta dates, especially if you’re hoping to play some Call of Duty MW3 multiplayer as soon as possible.