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Leaks claim Ghost is back in MW3 but with one major change to the perk

New Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 leaks claim interesting changes you should know all about are coming to the popular MW3 Ghost perk on Xbox, PS5, and PC.

MW3 leaks Ghost perk changes: an image of Price and Ghost

The Call of Duty MW3 reveal event is just-about upon us and players looking forward to Modern Warfare 3 are finally going to learn a little more about the next major FPS game from Activision. However, there’s something you should know – especially if you’re hoping that this will be one of the best FPS games available when it comes out. Leaks claim that major MW3 Ghost perk changes are coming and they’re going to make camping a lot harder.

Unconfirmed at the time of writing, known Call of Duty leaker ‘bob‘ has claimed that the Ghost perk in MW3 will only actually be active when you’re moving. So, if you’re sat stationary, you’re not going to benefit from Ghost. If you need reminding what Ghost does, traditionally, it stops things like UAVs, Personal Radars, and other tracking equipment and killstreaks from marking you on the mini-map. When available, it’s a must-have.

However, the leaks claiming that it won’t work when you’re sitting still are quite interesting. This could combat camping quite effectively, sure, but it’s also going to make life quite difficult for players using any one of the MW3 weapons suited to longer-range firefights – like sniper rifles.

It’s also interesting to think about how this will actually work in a practical sense. If someone is crawling very slowly, or moving ever-so-slightly with their analog stick, are they classed as being stationary enough to warrant the removal of Ghost? Or, does this count as moving and thus Ghost remains active? You could still camp quite effectively by moving ever-so slightly. However, someone who is creeping through an interior to gain an advantage on their opponents might be punished by the removal of Ghost when they are moving – just slowly.

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You could also argue that a time-based system, in which you have to be stationary for a set amount of time for Ghost to deactivate, would still allow players to camp quite effectively in MW3.

Until we find out more, you’re better of reading up about everything we know about MW3 Zombies and when the MW3 beta dates are due, rather than these rumored changes to Ghost. We should find out more about it soon, and whether these leaks are even true, but it’s hard to imagine a change like that is on the way right now.