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MW3 Burger King operator skin will squash your beef on the battlefield

The new Modern Warfare 3 Burger King operator skin is coming to the latest Call of Duty game, and it looks absolutely glorious in action.

mw3 burger king operator skin

Burgers and Modern Warfare 3 operator skins are going to have one thing in common: they’re both dripping. You won’t be slick off the grill, but you will be slick with style, as you dash around with the MW3 Burger King skin in the latest Call of Duty title. The oddball collaboration returns again, and if you’re feeling hungry, you can fill up and reap the rewards for MW3 too. Oh, and the skin is just odd in the best way possible.

Dread it, fear it, run from it. Burger King arrives all the same in Call of Duty this year. According to Modern Warfare 3 and COD franchise YouTuber ‘Elvis COD’, the “Burger King operator skin is coming” to the game, but it might be difficult for to acquire. That’s because it appears that the Burger King skin is a regional exclusive, and can only be acquired with meals purchased in Austria.

Like last year’s entry, Modern Warfare 2, the Burger King collaboration only extended itself into specific countries. Will Burger King’s new skin take MW3 into the best FPS games pantheon? Probably not, but the chaos of trying to get the MW2 Burger King skin was an interesting moment in COD history.

MW3 Burger King Skin

Burger King MW3 skin

As a result, a niche market emerged for the skin, with players resorting to eBay and key sites in hopes of getting hold of it for themselves. If you were really eager to purchase it, you could follow the steps of fans who placed orders online at Burger King restaurants across the world.

However, we’re not going to endorse wasting those precious Whoppers or Double Bacon Cheese XL burgers. We’ll be happy to wear it, though, in MW3 Zombies or MW3 multiplayer, considering how brilliantly ridiculous it looks. Does that crown have its own hit box? We’re going to find out. Take a look at this absolute unit of a skin below. You’ll also get a Calling Card, Emblem, and 1 hour’s worth of double XP alongside your meal.

MW3 burger king operator skin

Fellow COD enthusiast ‘KillerStidge’ confirms through Burger King’s terms and conditions that the offer currently extends to “participating store in Austria. Qualifying purchases can be made in-store, via Drive Thru, [and] the Burger King app.”

If it does happen to appear in other regions like the United States or the United Kingdom, it is possible that third-party applications like Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and GrubHub may honor this promotion too. Elvis COD claims that the “promotion begins [Friday] November 10, 2023, [and] codes must be redeemed by [Wednesday] January 31, 2024.”

Call of Duty’s relationship with Burger King is entertainment, albeit in a strange way. Modern Warfare 2 (2009) features a parodic version of the fast food chain, known as Burger Town, and has become somewhat of a meme amid fans over the years. This is down to acting legend Keith David consistently yelling at the player in the mission Tradecraft, requesting assistance to protect a Burger Town location under enemy fire.

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With the Modern Warfare 3 release date extremely close, you should be able to get hold of this before the MW3 Season 1 release date if you’re lucky.