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Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 perk changes signpost update’s controversy

Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 will alter the game's timed perks, but the already divisive COD mechanic is at the forefront of MW2 debate, urging for their removal.

Modern Warfare 2 operators wielding guns with the Ghost ultimate perk.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 will implement further changes to the game’s timed perk system, but not without division in the COD community. Gone are the days of Command Pro, as Modern Warfare 2 favours perks that are rolled over out the course of a match. While the next MW2 update is set to tweak how they function, many COD community members are eager for the original perk system to return.

In the latest official MW2 blog post, the developer addresses that “feedback around the timing of the bonus perks, specifically the Ghost perk” has led to new tweaks. Rather than revert back to the original perk system, the Season 2 update will improve the “rate at which the bonus and the ultimate perks are earned (reduces bonus perk cost by 50% and ultimate by 25%).”

Looking at the Ghost perk itself, players can expect “better support” if they are eager to “engage more aggressively.” While it is an improvement, Modern Warfare 2 Redditor ‘tjmobile1‘ claims the update is a “huge L. Nobody wants timed perks. Just accept it. This is the third time [they’ve] decreased.”

With perks currently split into base, bonus and ultimate sections – the era of constantly active perks is absent. “IW will not listen to criticism when it comes to MP. It was obvious from the start when they f**ked up how perks work,” says COD player ‘ValusHartless‘.

Huge L. Nobody wants timed perks. Just accept it. This is the third time decrease. Listen to your community. So disappointing. from ModernWarfareII

Other perks like Dead Silence have received similar attention from the community. Acting as a field upgrade rather than a perk, players like ‘Sexy_Togar’ are still waiting for change: “Ghost doesn’t help aggressive players, it helps sneaky players. Dead silence helps players who move around the map, which makes the game fun for everyone. Who would campers kill if there weren’t players like me moving around?”

It is unlikely that the franchise’s original perk system will return, at least not in Modern Warfare 2. However, never say never, as the game’s battle royale component is taking a few notes from the Verdansk era. Ultimate perks are back in Warzone 2 too, as an intriguing Bird’s Eye meta emerges.

We’ll have to wait for the Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 release date to see whether this perk change is ultimately worth it. In the meantime, equip the best Modern Warfare 2 perks while your grind for those precious camos.