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MW2 Season 2 skin bundles still lack these basic operator outfits

MW2 Season 2 gives Call of Duty players new COD store skins to purchase, but some fans want Task Force 141 skins to get the justice they deserve.

Gaz operator skin in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 gives players the chance to control a stylish library of operators, including MW2’s own Task Force 141. Comprised of COD favourites Captain Price, Soap, Ghost, and Gaz – the popular team is still missing an easy-to-fix feature. With Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 adding numerous bundles to the COD store, members of the Call of Duty community are ready to see Task Force 141 don their proper outfits.

While you’ve been diving into Modern Warfare 2 Season 2, we’re sure that you’ll have noted the arrival of some interesting COD store bundles. Aside from observing Hutch’s tactical package, Task Force 141 still remains without their original campaign or classic era outfits. Call of Duty Redditor ‘Munin_Hugin7274‘ is asking Infinity Ward for a simple request: “Campaign Character Skin to Multiplayer/Warzone/DMZ please.” Currently, the game only contains Task Force 141 in their Red Team outfits, which obscure their faces with intimidating masks.

“The campaign character skins we got are so ass. All of them are wearing ghost masks,” Call of Duty player ‘Weber_Head‘ explains. It’s a shame for COD fans as things like Captain Price’s astonishing moustache have become part of Modern Warfare’s iconography. Most of these operators are also locked behind the Vault Edition of MW2, so unless you’re eager to splash the cash, the boys won’t be back in town just yet.

However, if you’re after a cheaper alternative, Gaz can be acquired via the Modern Warfare 2 Raid bundle. “Gaz is sort of there, all of his available skins are from the campaign – Wetsuit, Ghillie Suit and Shirt/Khaki pants,” says Redditor ‘Mallas12‘.

Campaign Character Skin to Multiplayer/Warzone/DMZ please. That all we ask
by u/Munin_Hugin7274 in ModernWarfareII

Even those that have forked out for the Vault Edition are frustrated, as ‘Astro99‘ says “I never understood why we didn’t get Task Force 141 from the start as basic operators… I mean if I bought the skin via vault edition the least they can do is give me the goddamn operator.”

But is there light at the end of the tunnel for Modern Warfare 2 players? With the Raid adding new reward content, including aforementioned Gaz-themed cosmetics, some players are hopeful the remaining outfits will get their dues. “I have a feeling that they each will be Raid prizes. There’s gonna be 5 or 6 Raid episodes, so that could easily be 1 for each Raid win,” suggests ‘king_of_the_bill’.

Just please add some Alejandro cosmetics, Infinity Ward. Have you managed to finish the Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad Raid? If you’re thinking of rounding the squad to tackle it, it’s worth checking out the Modern Warfare 2 Raid code to give you an advantage.