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Hutch is packing some serious heat in this new MW2 store bundle

Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 leaks detail multiple bundles for the COD store, including the Red Fox Hutch skin which is a serious package for Call of Duty players.

Hutch operator in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Season 2

Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 kicks off the next wave of content for COD players, with new Warzone 2 map Ashika Island and more. Alongside the return of fan-favourite game modes, players can also expect to see some interesting COD store bundles arrive in the future – especially for the operator Hutch. The Red Fox bundle brings an anime flavour to the Infinity Ward shooter, and it may just be one of the biggest bundles yet for Call of Duty players.

There are tons of weapons nerfs and gameplay changes in the Modern Warfare 2 patch notes, but it’s the next wave of COD store bundle leaks that have us gripped. MW2 leaker ‘TaskForceCoDW‘ showcases the Red Fox bundle on social media and COD fans have been quick to take note that Hutch is packing heat outside of the streets. Adorned with Kawaii-style kitten ears and a foxy weapon skin, Hutch is also flexing another weapon to be reckoned with.

Modern Warfare 2 players over on the game’s subreddit are struggling to grasp the new direction that COD bundles are taking too. Redditor ‘CODMW22’ asks “how long until they nerf that thing?” Conversely, fellow player ‘Quiet_Ronin‘ says “it’s a gun. Obviously. He just keeps it under his waistband.”

Hutch, who is now taking on the moniker “Glock, Glock 9000”, is only just getting fired up according to ‘eyesniper‘: “Just wait until he gets his killstreak.”

These bundles are getting weird from ModernWarfareII

However, the rise of peculiar COD store bundles isn’t going down well with some MW2 players. “They can come out with weird shit like this but can’t drop no skins for the 141 crew,” says ‘xLilDevilx1997’. Others have taken the opportunity to reflect on the COD franchise’s tone. Redditor ‘OneKaleidoscope3812’ explains “I just got done watching a WaW retrospective about how amazing and brutal that game’s campaign is, and this is what I see first when I open the app lmao. COD definitely peaked back in the early days.”

The discourse surrounding Call of Duty skin bundles has persisted since the game’s launch, with some lamenting the realistic aesthetic that Infinity Ward is commonly known for. However, with the emergence of maps like Shipment in the MW2 rotation, it does highlight a chance to introduce more vibrant and unique skins into the COD player economy.

Either way, there are heaps of bundles yet to be revealed for MW2 fans. If you haven’t tuned in for the Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 release date yet, then there is plenty to dig into with the latest major COD update, such as updated Modern Warfare 2 ranks and the best Modern Warfare 2 guns to use in Season 2.