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Modern Warfare 2 raid code and how to solve it

Get an idea of the Modern Warfare 2 raid code in Atomgradand how you can solve it during the early stages of the raid and progress into the submarine

Modern Warfare 2 Raid Code: Multiple players can be seen swimming

Raids are here in Modern Warfare 2 and players are unsurprisingly finding puzzles and challenges they need to try and complete. But, if you aren’t used to how raids work, then you may be confused about how the Modern Warfare 2 raid code for the game’s opening puzzle in Atomgrad work.

In this article, we will take you through this opening puzzle in the Atomgrad raid, which is when you kill a number of enemies in the tunnels and enter a small room. The puzzle is denoted by the objective “Open the submarine doors”. It will require teamwork from your squad, so be sure to bring people you can rely on as Modern Warfare 2 raid matchmaking is not available.

Modern Warfare 2 raid code

The Modern Warfare 2 raid code is a combination of numbers that correspond to letters seen on the red device at the start of the Atomgrad raid. To solve and get the raid code in Modern Warfare 2’s Atomgrad raid you need to do the following:

  • Send one person through to the second room, using the door
  • Player 1 reads the red device on the left and uses the keypad, Player 2 uses the CCTV cameras next to it, and Player 3 uses the CCTV cameras in the room they just went into
  • The players on the CCTV cameras scroll through until they find a room with Russian letters and some numbers
  • The player using the red device now needs to listen to which symbols match the ones they can see
  • Player 2 and 3 then need to read out the corresponding numbers that match the symbols on the device that they see in the rooms
  • Player 1 then inputs the numbered code in the order the symbols appear on the red device on the keypad in the room
  • You then all need to rotate roles as each person can only use the keypad once and repeat this until you input three codes
  • Once correctly done the doors to the submarine will open and you can progress

As described above, when you start off in the room, you will need to divide players into three roles. It’s best to do this by assigning a number as each player will have to rotate what they do. Send one player through the door by holding it open and get them to use the CCTV cameras. The other two need to use the red console and keypad and the CCTV console in this main room.

The players on the camera should scroll through until they reach a room with a large screen showing three numbers and three Russian letters. Each player should then read out the symbols on their screens and see if they match the ones on the red device.

The player looking at that device then needs to spotlight and remember the three which match out of the six possible letters the players viewing the CCTV can see. The player on the red device then should read the letters out one by one and the players on the cameras need to tell them which number is beneath that letter on their screens. Each number is one digit of a three-digit code.

Once the player on the red device has the three numbers they then need to head to the keypad in the room and input that code. This will lock them out from inputting another code. As such, each player then needs to rotate once so you end up on a different piece of equipment. This will mean a new player is looking at the red device and can then input a code.

Repeat the steps of reading out the symbols and numbers again and rotate a second time, allowing the last player to use the device and input a code. This will then open up the doors and you can enter the next area of the raid.

If you want a video guide of what to do, check out the excellent talk-through of how this all works from ‘Geeky Pastimes’.

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That covers how you can get the Modern Warfare 2 raid code for Atomgrad and work your way through grabbing loot and one of the Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad raid rewards at the end. If you are looking for more on the raid, be sure to keep an eye out for our full walkthrough coming soon.