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All Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad raid rewards

Get an idea of the Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad raid rewards that you can pick up while playing with your friends and completing runs

Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad Raid Rewards: A soldier can be seen

With Call of Duty now getting in on the raid action, that means there is a host of rewards and items for you to get from the activity. And, with Atomgrad being the first raid and Infinity Ward’s first attempt at the style of activity, you won’t be surprised to learn that the Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad raid rewards aren’t particularly special.

But, they can still be worth going after if you just want to chill with friends or take on a challenge. In order to do that though, you will need to get set up and grab a Modern Warfare 2 Raid Assignment from either multiplayer, Spec Ops, or Warzone 2. So, if you want a glimpse at what you can grab for yourself, the full Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad raid rewards are below.

Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad raid rewards

Infinity ward has confirmed what you can expect from the Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad raid rewards. They are:

  • Gaz and his Convoy skin (guaranteed drop)
  • Player Card
  • Emblem
  • Loading Screen
  • Punchline Expedite 12 Weapon Blueprint (guaranteed drop on Veteran difficulty)

We haven’t had enough time with the raid and players haven’t gone through it enough times to get an idea of what these rewards are exactly or if there are any major variations between Veteran and Normal difficulty modes in Modern Warfare 2. But you can see the Punchline blueprint here in-game from ‘Geeky Pastimes‘.

Overall, these are solid rewards that you can get. But, they definitely aren’t as shiny or exciting as what you could find in games that are more of an RPG than they are a shooter. But, we may see these rewards evolve with each new raid in each season of the game.

Now that you know the Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad raid rewards, you can begin levelling up the blueprints you get and customising Modern Warfare 2 operators. But, if you are looking to get through the raid again, then our best Modern Warfare 2 weapons guide might be able to help you form a loadout best suited for your next run.