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Does the Modern Warfare 2 raid have matchmaking?

Are you wondering does the Modern Warfare 2 raid have matchmaking? This article will let you know if there is a way to load in with other random players

Modern Warfare 2 Raid Matchmaking: A player can be seen

Does the Modern Warfare 2 raid have matchmaking? If you are jumping in or just new to Raids in general as this is the first time they have been introduced into Call of Duty, you may be unfamiliar with if matchmaking is common or not in the mode.

Well, to get you up to speed we will take you through if matchmaking is available. You can then begin planning and preparing to head into Atomgrad and the other raids by grabbing yourself Modern Warfare 2 Raid Keys and a Modern Warfare 2 Raid Assignment, which lets you play for the rest of the week.

Does the Modern Warfare 2 raid matchmaking?

The Modern Warfare 2 raids do not have matchmaking. The only way you can play is by inviting your friends or finding other players online elsewhere and inviting them to your party to play the raid with you.

This will be surprising to players who are used to Call of Duty’s reliance on matchmaking to be able to play the modes both in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. However, in a number of other games raids do not have matchmaking so this isn’t too shocking when you look specifically at raids themselves.

We may see a point where Modern Warfare 2 adds raid matchmaking, but it likely isn’t on the priority list. So, you will need to turn to finding players on your platform or other platforms or looking on forums like Reddit and other places.

There you have it! That answers the questions you likely have about Modern Warfare 2 raid matchmaking. If you have found players or just want to get a build together before you do, our best Modern Warfare 2 weapons and guns guide should be able to help you out!