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Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad raid guide walkthrough

This article will provide a full Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad raid guide and walkthrough to take you through what you need to do for each objective

Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad Raid Guide: A player can be seen

If you are looking for the next Modern Warfare 2 challenge after taking on the Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops missions or beating the campaign, then the raids are what you are looking for. But, with the first raid here this article will provide you with a full Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad raid guide and walkthrough.

With a number of tough objectives that require communication, good teamwork, and solid skills, you will need to properly practice and get the formula down to be able to complete the read. This is especially true if you are taking on the Veteran difficulty. So, to help you out let us talk you through each objective so you can understand the Modern Warfare 2 raid code and grab the Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad raid rewards.

Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad raid guide

Our Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad raid guide and walkthrough is as follows:

  • Solve the raid code to open the submarine doors
  • Navigate the underwater maze
  • Complete the final puzzle using the code machines
  • Defend the doors and kill the last enemies

You can see a deeper written guide through the sections below, with tips on how to tackle encounters and communicate and organise yourself when solving the puzzles.

Solve the raid code to open the submarine doors

From the start of the raid, you can slowly work your way up the tunnels until you reach a small room with a number of pieces of equipment and a button on the wall. You will need to divide players into three roles. It’s best to do this by assigning a number as each player will have to rotate what they do.

Send one player through the door by holding it open and get them to use the CCTV cameras. The other two need to use the red console and keypad and the CCTV console in this main room. The players on the camera should scroll through until they reach a room with a large screen showing three numbers and three Russian letters. Each player should then read out the symbols on their screens and see if they match the ones on the red device.

Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad Raid Guide: The screen with numbers can be seen

The player looking at that device then needs to spotlight and remember the three which match out of the six possible letters the players viewing the CCTV can see. The player on the red device then should read the letters out one by one and the players on the cameras need to tell them which number is beneath that letter on their screens. Each number is one digit of a three-digit code.

Once the player on the red device has the three numbers they then need to head to the keypad in the room and input that code. This will lock them out from inputting another code. As such, each player then needs to rotate once so you end up on a different piece of equipment. This will mean a new player is looking at the red device and can then input a code.

Repeat the steps of reading out the symbols and numbers again and rotate a second time, allowing the last player to use the device and input a code. This will then open up the doors and you can enter the next area of the raid.

Navigate the underwater maze

This section requires all players to navigate a large underwater maze without drowning. However, if you are on Veteran, you will need to do this within nine minutes of picking up the oxygen mask from the bench. However, the catch is only one mask is available between all three players.

Therefore, you need to let the person with the mask swim first and the other two follow behind them. From there, you can interact with who is holding the mask to grab it off of them. This, in effect acts like a relay where player 2 takes it from player 1 for a few seconds and player 3 takes it from player 2, only for player 1 to take it from player 3, etc.

You will need to keep passing the mask between everyone like this while all swimming forward together through the maze. Eventually, you will hit a button and one person needs to hold it to open the gate and let the other two swim through. This should be the person who has just had the oxygen mask taken from them. From there, the players on the other side can press another button to let the third player through.

While still passing the oxygen mask between everyone, swim up to find a small alcove where you can rise to the service, breath and reset before continuing onwards. From there swim all the way down the staircase and open up the barred gates. In this section, you can find tripwires. They will kill you if you are not armoured up, so do not pass through one.

Eventually, you will see some green glowsticks, where you can duck into a room to your right. Continue onwards, over the debris and items and take a right. Open up the doors and follow the arrows on the wall through another set of doors. In the next room, you will see a hole in the ground with a ton of tripwires.

Carefully avoid them or have an assault class with three armour plates tank the majority of them and continue swimming onwards straight and up. Jump down into the large hole and continue past the mesh fence, going downwards once again. Follow the wall around the edge and then take a left to find a hazard sign. Finally, continue swimming upwards and through the large metal door, up to the safe area.

Up here, you can find a generator. Get someone to activate it and then press the button in the room underneath the water. The other players can then swim through. The remaining player will then need to activate the generator once again and then the players who swam through can activate the button to let that player pass and head up to the safe area.

In this room, you can kill two enemies and stock up on items, weapons, and gear for the fights later in the raid.

Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad Raid Guide: The armory can be seen

Complete the final puzzle using the code machines

After you stock up, you will need to kill a few waves of enemies that emerge from the doors in the corridor. You can take it slow, so don’t feel any need to rush through this section.

Pick up any gear and head through the hole in the ground in the room with the green light. Continue straight and drop down into the hole. In these tunnels, you want to progress slowly as bomb drones will come towards you so be sure to take them down before they can kill you and your team.

Take out all the enemies and explore fully so you won’t be ambushed when traversing this area later to solve the puzzle. Around the edge of the room, you will see a control room that you saw earlier when grabbing the raid code initially. Kill the enemies here and the process is virtually identical to what you did earlier. You will need to use the numbered codes from the matched symbols and enter them into a keypad. However, everyone has been split apart and in different rooms and areas.

From the red console with the symbols, one person can head down the ramp and into the tunnels and around, going straight. Take a right to enter the large room where you see the numbers on the wall. The other player can do the same on the opposite side to get to their room.

Call out the symbols for the player on the console so they can input the right numbers and watch out for bomb drones which fly towards you while you are in these rooms. Once you have memorised your numbers start heading back as upon entering the correct code the middle player and the two players in each room need to swap roles in order to enter the next code.

The easiest way to do this is to operate a circular pattern so the player on the console goes to the left room, the player in the left room goes to the right room, and the player in the right room goes on the console.

Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad Raid Guide: The console can be seen

You will need to hone your pattern here and ensure that the players in the side rooms are heading back before the correct code is entered as there is a time limit on when you can input the code before it resets. Three wrong answers and you need to complete the whole thing again.

Defend the doors

Finally, by the keypad, you can find a large set of doors which will slowly unlock. You need to defend these doors while they unlock. This is the toughest combat challenge in the raid.

The strategy given by ‘GeekyPastimes‘ in his walkthrough is to defend by the doors as otherwise, enemies will set explosives on them. Bomb Drones and enemies will come from both sides so it’s best to have one person on overwatch of each side of the tunnel and the third floating between them where more enemies are attacking from.

Juggernauts should be called out and it is best to space apart so that any rogue Bomb Drones don’t kill two people. You will also need to find ammo and guns from beneath the water as you will run out fairly quickly.

The last 30 seconds are quite intense with bomb drones, juggernauts, and enemies coming from both sides so use everything you have and save the miniguns from the juggernauts until this section as they can burn through enemies. Once the timer ends, kill the last remaining enemies and cover each other to complete the raid.

Phew, that was a long and tough fight. But, with some practice and good communication, you will be able to nail the puzzles and combat encounters. For the full video walkthrough from ‘GeekyPastimes’ if you prefer that over a written guide, you can find it below.

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That covers everything in our Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad raid guide and walkthrough. If you are looking for some guns to use and take into the raid, then check out our guide on the best Modern Warfare 2 guns and weapons.