MW2 battle pass exploit deemed “tragically hilarious” for XP farmers

Modern Warfare 2 players are using a ridiculous exploit to stack XP in the MW2 Season 2 battle pass, making it easy to claim new items in the latest COD game.

MW2 Season 2 Battle Pass operator in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

The latest Call of Duty battle pass is alive and kicking, as Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 is currently underway for COD players. Though the update flaunts additional maps and weapons, the COD community is acting fast to rinse the MW2 battle pass for all its worth. And the strangest part about this exploit? They’re not even playing the game.

When the latest Modern Warfare 2 patch notes arrived for MW2 Season 2, COD players didn’t hesitate to get to work completing the new battle pass. However, the methodology to claim all its rewards is puzzling COD players, as Modern Warfare 2 subreddit member ‘popemyet‘ wonders the following: “Does anyone else keep getting loads of matches with people doing this?” Attached with their question is a bizarre clip of MW2 players spinning on the spot, choosing to opt for a pacifist approach to in-game battles.

While the war rages on for other players, it appears this is an exploit to quickly farm battle pass XP – and keep your K/D ratio clean in the process. To stop themselves from being ejected from the lobby for inactivity, players are manipulating their controllers to give the illusion of movement with the game. The Modern Warfare 2 battle pass gives XP based on dedicated playtime and completed matches, and this method is already having a detrimental effect on some players.

“When I learned this, my care to reach [level] 250 dropped off a cliff. Having some of the best games of my COD career do minimal for growth is not motivating,” explains Redditor ‘taipanfang‘.

Does anyone else keep getting loads of matches with people doing this from ModernWarfareII

Modes like Team Deathmatch or Demolition aren’t the only outliers for farming, too. According to another player, ‘NamiSwaaaan‘, they add that they “played a game of Infected the other day where 14 of them were doing this. And it was on Museum. Took forever to find the few who weren’t.”

Other players feel this perspective is hindering the game’s enjoyment factor, as ‘JP5_Suds’ says: “The state of this game is tragically hilarious.” Perhaps these players are setting aside the best Modern Warfare 2 guns to get the job done. This time around for the battle pass, it is encouraged to participate in the Modern Warfare 2 Path of the Ronin challenges, which grant unique cosmetics for Season 2 alone.

However, it appears these cosmetics have taken precedence over progressing through the Modern Warfare 2 ranks. If you’re still getting the most out of the game, then you’ll want to get updated with all the information surrounding the Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 release date.