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Modern Warfare 2 update animates Polyatomic camo without warning

MW2 Season 2 Reloaded is honing in its focus on COD camos, as the highly sought after Polyatomic camo sports a new look, though it might not be a good thing.

Operator in MW2 with polyatomic camo in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 Reloaded is the latest major update for COD players, but it isn’t just nerfed weapons affecting players. The Polyatomic camo has become the stuff of legend in MW2, with its shiny purple appearance offering a distinct aesthetic for your hard work. However, the Polyatomic weapon skin has changed in a new MW2 update and Call of Duty community members aren’t sure whether it is for the better.

According to Modern Warfare 2 subreddit member ‘missiilekid’, the recent Polyatomic camo change isn’t worth grinding for. “I just finished grinding tens of hours for polyatomic just for them to INSTANTLY switch it from this to this? […] I do not care that it’s animated,” says the MW2 player. Furthermore, they take issue with the game’s continuous changes, exclaiming whether the game”is a f**kng $60-80 pre-alpha because literally every single thing seems to be subject to change.”

Originally, the Polyatomic camo featured a sharp contrast of black within its vibrant purple pattern. Now, the eye-catching COD skin features animation, similar to the Orion camo. The camo becomes available to unlock after completing the Platinum camo challenges for every weapon in the game. However, you’ll need to rattle off headshots faster than John Wick to get your hands on Polyatomic.

Its new “hideous” design is proving to be a point of disappointment for COD fans, as the original design has developed a favourable reputation.

new polyatomic camo is hideous from ModernWarfareII

Call of Duty player ‘SSJZoli’ says “they took away the black? The contrast was my favourite part.” Some COD fans are claiming that the removal of the black is a visual error, as ‘Lyberatis‘ claims “it’s bugged for some people though. For me, it looks exactly the same as it used to, but moving. [It] actually looks really good.”

With the rise of COD store bundles, MW2 enthusiasts such as ‘Jawkess’ wonder whether this is a deliberate move to encourage bundle purchases: “Welcome to the future of Call of Duty, where the mastery camos get nerfed so that maybe you’ll buy the store bundles. Not allowed to earn anything cool anymore.” COD store skin bundles have earned their fair share of negativity as of late due to the supposed withholding of the classic Task Force 141 operator skins.

However, that could soon change with a forthcoming Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 Reloaded tweak. Developer Infinity Ward is yet to deliberate whether any other skins will receive the same treatment as Polyatomic, but in the meantime, switch up your gear with this ultimate MW2 meta loadout for an easy win.