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Ash Williams joins MW2 days after Evil Dead game ditches future DLC

As the Evil Dead game confirms plans to halt future DLC content, Ash Williams joins a roster of pop culture icons in MW2 Season 6's The Haunting event.

MW2 Season 6 The Haunting Ash Williams Evil Dead

We’re getting close to that time of year, and by that we mean it is nearly spooky season for Call of Duty players. Modern Warfare 2 Season 6 is almost here, bringing along some new faces into the MW2 operator roster. One of which is Evil Dead legend Ash Williams, who’s ready and raring to kick some zombies to the curb.

The news of Ash Williams arrival comes days after developer Saber Interactive confirms that the Evil Dead game won’t release any more DLC packs in the future. Despite clarifying that the recent Evil Dead GOTY edition wasn’t necessarily the end for the asymmetrical horror title, the developer explains that “we have made the decision not to pursue the development of new content […] we will keep the servers up for the foreseeable future and address any major issues that arise.”

Now, Activision ushers in the presence of Williams alongside He-Man enemy Skeletor, Image Comics’ Spawn, Inarius and Lilith from Diablo 4, and Alucard from Hellsing.

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“Open the Book of the Dead with the Evil Dead 2 bundle. This bundle introduces Ash Williams to Season 6, complete with boomstick weapon blueprints and plenty of gear to slay Deadites and primitive screwheads,” says Activision in a new COD blog post.

You can get a proper look at Ash Williams in Modern Warfare 2 below, which gives a nod to his iconic chainsaw. While it isn’t fixed to his arm like in the Sam Raimi trilogy, we speculate that this chainsaw is actually part of the Doom tracer pack. This bundle features a chainsaw and sawn-off shotgun, but sadly no Doom Guy skin.

Activision expresses that players can “get knee-deep in the dead with the Doom tracer weapon bundle, complete with an arsenal of gear (including a chainsaw and a long-range shotgun) in readiness to rip and tear your enemies apart.” It joins a roster of new weaponry for COD players, so don’t hesitate to check out all the new MW2 Season 6 weapons as The Haunting approaches.

MW2 The Haunting Ash Williams Evil Dead Skin Bundle

Though the Evil Dead game won’t be expanding any further, the Evil Dead franchise is experiencing a renewed interest as of late. This year saw the release of Evil Dead Rise, canonically taking place in the same universe, but concentrating on a new group of characters. Initially, it was set to launch on HBO Max, but positive test screenings led to its eventual theatrical release. If you want to know how to watch the Evil Dead movies in order, our friends at The Digital Fix have you covered.

You can get updated with the latest MW2 Season 6 release date information too, as the final MW2 update arrives weeks before the Modern Warfare 3 release date. And if Ash Williams isn’t enough for you, get this Zombie Ghost skin should pique your interest.