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Modern Warfare 2 campaign easter egg nods to Warzone’s Verdansk

A Modern Warfare 2 easter egg has been spotted in the campaign's Tradecraft mission that references the local football team of Verdansk in Warzone

MW2 easter eggs Warzone: Captain Price with a slight smile on his face

When it comes to Modern Warfare 2 easter eggs in the shiny new campaign, things are a little limited (either that, or they’re really well hidden). Sure, there are dozens of callbacks to past games – mainly through the repetition of famous voice lines – and there are MW2 safe codes to crack in some missions, but when it comes to subtle references or sneakily-placed objects, it appears to be a little thin.

However, one Call of Duty content creator has spotted a couple of great little easter eggs in the streets of Amsterdam during the mission Tradecraft – one of which is a nod to the good old days of Warzone.

In his video breaking down all the references to past CoD games in the MW2 campaign, ‘MrDalekJD’ highlights that down one of the Amsterdam streets, just before you hit out of bounds, a sign for a Burger Town restaurant can be spotted. Burger Town is of course the fictional fast food chain that consistently crops up in Call of Duty titles, but was popularised in the original Modern Warfare 2 by the mission Wolverines, during which you battle against waves of enemies from inside a Burger Town restaurant for a period.

Then just a few metres away in a bike shop, a reference to Call of Duty Warzone’s first and most recognisable battlefield can be found. In the bike shop, several t-shirts are hung up for sale – including a blue football kit sporting the logo of the Verdansk Sparks.

Yep, the team that once signed Paul Pogba (kinda) and played at the iconic Verdansk stadium has its own little cameo in Modern Warfare 2’s campaign. With Infinity Ward of course being the original creators of Warzone and the Verdansk map (and also leading development on Warzone 2 and its new battlefield of Al Mazrah) it’s no surprise that an easter egg for the battle royale has appeared, however doing it through the vehicle of the Verdansk Sparks is a cool touch that we didn’t expect.

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