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Modern Warfare 2 safe code for all three safes

Get the answer to all the Modern Warfare 2 safe codes for all the safes in the game, to nab yourself an acheivement or trophy while playing

Modern Warfare 2 Safe Codes: The player can be seen opening a safe

If you are jumping into the Modern Warfare 2 campaign and missions you may stumble upon a safe and wonder how you can open it. Well, there are a number of codes nearby that you can actually use to open these safes, but if you don’t fancy finding them, we have all the Modern Warfare 2 safe codes below.

On top of the codes, we do give you the instructions as well if you want to know where you can find these codes in the missions.

What are the Modern Warfare 2 safe codes?

Here are the three Modern Warfare 2 safe codes and the answer to solving them in each level:

  • 02-02-19 – El Sin Nombre safe code (The safe is in Diego’s room. It can be opened by looking at the date on the portrait when in the same room.)
  • 10-10-80 – Alone safe code 1 (The safe is in the room past the dying man when you open the door. You need a blade to pry open the door. Can be solved by looking at the calendar in the room.)
  • 37-60-80 – Alone safe code 2 (The safe is later in the mission, in the garage. Look at the computer in the mechanic shop to find the code.)

The El Sin Nombre Safe is arguably the harder one to get due to the nature of the level, but you will end up in the room with the safe no matter what. In addition, the two safe codes for Alone are also a bit of a pain to get as the level requires you to play quite cautiously. But, they definitely aren’t tricky objectives or require a lot of thought on your part.

To help you out if you are looking for a video guide to show you where the safe codes are, you can checkout the guide from ‘Maka91Productions‘ below.

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When you have opened a safe you will be granted a few bonus items, including a powerful, kitted-out weapon with attachments. So, the Modern Warfare 2 safe codes are worth grabbing when you go through the campaign, especially if you are on one of the higher difficulty modes. And, if you have beaten the game’s campaign and got through the full length of it, check out our rundown of the ending and post-credits scene explaining what they mean.