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A guide to playing Modern Warfare 2 co-op

Get an overview of everything to with Modern Warfare 2 co-op, from playing with your friends on the same couch to checking out Spec Ops online

Modern Warfare 2 Co-op: Two players can be seen walking through a bog

Modern Warfare 2 co-op for the 2022 game is undoubtedly set to be a beloved feature of this year’s game. Sitting back, running through missions with your friends and chatting either online or in the same room is one of those classic Call of Duty moments we all remember.

But, with Spec Ops missions and local co-op in other modes, how exactly will it work and how can you play in co-op? This article will dive into what you need to know about co-op, playing with your friends, using the game’s guns, using the best weapons and forming matches and games across platforms with crossplay.

All the ways to play Modern Warfare 2 co-op

Modern Warfare 2 co-op can be played in the following ways:

  • Online or locally in Spec Ops
  • Local split-screen multiplayer
  • Online multiplayer

These are the three core ways co-op plays a part in the selection of game modes in Modern Warfare 2. This is a more limited selection of options compared to what we have seen in the past, but the modes will still offer the same action-packed FPS gameplay we have come to expect.

So, with the overview of Modern Warfare 2 co-op and where you can play with your friends, why not get prepped and stocked up for the modes with the best guns in the game? Or, if you are looking to take on the campaign on your own, take a look through our Modern Warfare 2 missions list.