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All Modern Warfare 2 camo challenges for every gun

Get an overview of all the Modern Warfare 2 camo challenges for every weapon and gun in the game, with different tasks for each weapon

Modern Warfare 2 Camo Challenges: A soldier can be seen aiming a weapon

If you are preparing for the camo grind in Modern Warfare 2, you may be wondering what you have to do to get each one. Well, there are some big changes with the Modern Warfare 2 camo challenges.

Each weapon now has its own unique four challenges to complete and gets its own camo selection. But, once that challenge is complete you can then use the camo on any weapon. This streamlines the overall camos grind and allows there to be more than 180 camos for all the guns and weapons in the game. Below, we will run through all of those different challenges for each weapon from the best snipers to the best SMG.

Modern Warfare 2 camo challenges

Below, you can find all the Modern Warfare 2 camo challenges for every gun in the game:

  • Get kills (all gun category challenges)
  • Get double kills (assault rifle challenges)
  • Get ADS kills (assault rifle challenges)
  • Get kills from behind (assault rifle challenges)
  • Get hip-fire kills (assault rifle challenges)
  • Get kills (submachine gun camo challenges)
  • Get ADS kills (submachine gun challenges)
  • Get headshots (LMG challenges)
  • Get mounted kills (LMG challenges)
  • Get double kills (LMG challenges)
  • Get kills while crouched (LMG challenges)
  • Get kills (shotgun challenges)
  • Get hipfire kills (shotgun challenges)
  • Get point-blank kills (shotgun challenges)
  • Get reload kills (shotgun challenges
  • Get 50 kills (marksman rifle challenges)
  • Get 30 kills while crouched (markman rifle challenges)
  • Get one-shot kills (sniper rifle challenges)
  • Get longshots (sniper rifle challenges)
  • Get holding breath kills (sniper rifle challenges)
  • Unlock all camos for the weapon (mastery camo challenge)
  • Unlock all camos for all weapons in the weapon category – (mastery camo challenge)
  • Unlock Platinum camo for all weapons and complete the Polyatomic challenge for that weapon – (mastery camo challenge)
  • Unlock Polyatomic camo for all weapons – (mastery camo challenge)

This list is currently temporary but will be updated as we get deeper into the multiplayer experience and see more of the camo challenges for all the weapons in the game.

As you can see, these camo challenges are drastically easier than what we have seen in the previous Call of Duty games in recent years as more and more camos have been added and the mastery camos system has expanded. This should mean that the process of unlocking them is far more enjoyable and doesn’t mean you have to grind for something silly like 100 long shots with the best assault rifle.

Either way, with the idea of the Modern Warfare 2 camo challenges, you can jump in and start unlocking them. Although, we suggest using the best guns or weapons first just to make your life a little easier and pairing it with some of the best perks and making one of the best loadouts.