The best PS5 battle royale games 2023

From Apex Legends to Fortnite, there are plenty of competitive shooters, but there are only a few that can be named the best PS5 battle royale games.

What are the best PS5 battle royale games? Battle royale games took the free-for-all concept from classic shooters and turned it on its head. The first battle royale games, notably H1Z1 and DayZ, revolutionized gaming in 2015 by merging the deathmatch formula with large-scale battles. It led to a beautiful abomination of a genre that features open world gameplay and classic arena shooter mechanics across multiple genres, and many of the best PS5 battle royale games exemplify this.

The replayability of the best battle royale games are one of the reasons that make them great, so whether it’s your first game or your hundredth, here are the best games to download right now if you’re looking for a battle royale game on PS5.

The best PS5 battle royale games are:

  • Call of Duty: Warzone
  • Apex Legends
  • PUBG: Battlegrounds
  • Fortnite
  • Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
  • Hunt: Showdown

Best PS5 battle royale games

1. Warzone

Warzone features a classic battle royale mode and an Escape From Tarkov-style extraction mode called DMZ. The sequel to 2020’s Warzone has improved upon its predecessor in many ways, and it has arguably the most fun mechanics among all the battle royales on this list. What sets Warzone apart from other games is the sheer amount of PvE experiences you can have within the game.

It helps fill the downtime between PvP fights and clearing out AI mobs lets you grab some sweet loot (including the best Warzone guns) in the process as well.

The Resurgence game mode, popularized in the first game is back and Ranked Play is also being added to the game for players who want a competitive experience. The limited-time modes (LTMs) keep the experience fresh and there is always something new to do every season, making it one of the best free PS5 games out there.

Best PS5 battle royale games:

2. Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends was released in 2019 and became an overnight sensation. The game’s playerbase has been growing steadily over the years and is possibly the highest skill cap battle royale in the market right now – something you can test for yourself by climbing the Apex Legends ranks.

The game is set in the Titanfall 2 universe and, while you don’t get to mow down enemies with Titans, you do get access to some of the best movement mechanics in the industry.

Just like Warzone, the game is entirely free-to-play and is monetized via battle passes and cosmetics. When it comes to game modes, you have Duos, Trios, Arenas, and several limited-time modes that come and go. The game does not have a solo mode and is heavily reliant on teamwork.

Best PS5 battle royale games: A player in a level three helmet holds a rifle in PUBG Battlegrounds

3. PUBG: Battlegrounds

While H1Z1 and DayZ helped introduce gamers to the battle royale genre, it was PUBG that made the genre. The game was previously only available on PC and, in its first year, it sold over 30 million copies. It moved to a free-to-play model and got a visual upgrade in 2022 for the PlayStation 5.

Unlike a lot of other games that have fancy mechanics and futuristic elements, PUBG is an old-school shooter at heart. If you want a classic, more realistic experience, PUBG is the way to go.

The game gets maps and updates more frequently than a lot of other competing titles. If you want a no-frills experience with a heavy focus on mechanical skill and tactical play, you should give PUBG a try.

Best PS5 battle royale games: Three gold operators in Fortnite

4. Fortnite

Fortnite is a cultural phenomenon that draws millions of players to this day. If you can look past the cartoony graphics and light-heartedness, the game is incredibly complex, and mastering the building system is no joke. The Fortnite weapons tier list constantly changes with each update too.

Epic Games has managed to partner with almost every major pop culture IP of our generation from Witcher 3 to Batman. Even popular artists like Travis Scott and Ariana Grande have been a part of the game.

The live events, the limited-time modes, and the ever-changing map make Fortnite an easy recommendation for PS5 gamers.

Best PS5 battle royale games: Several beans fight on a course in Fall Guys

5. Fall Guys

Fall Guys is unlike any other battle royale you’ve ever played. You jump into a lobby with dozens of players and have to make it out as the last player standing. Unlike other games where you shoot your way out of your problems, you have to rely on your reaction times and quick thinking to beat a full set of mini-games to emerge as the champion.

The game became an overnight sensation and redefined the battle royale genre. It feels like a party game and can be enjoyed by players of all ages.

The colorful graphics make Fall Guys stand out from the crowd of battle royales that take themselves too seriously.

Best PS5 battle royale games: Two western characters fire rifles in Hunt Showdown

6. Hunt Showdown

If you love the concept of battle royales but want a more bite-sized experience without missing out on the intense gameplay, Hunt: Showdown is a unique take on the genre. Developed by Crytek, Hunt: Showdown puts you in the shoes of a bounty hunter in 19th-century Louisiana. Your goal is to not only compete against other players but also take out PvE threats.

There are bosses that you can take out for rewards and XP but the lingering fear of someone watching you is what makes Hunt so exciting. It’s unique, grotesque yet enthralling setting, paired with mechanically complex gameplay make it one of the best PS5 battle royales games you can play, and one of the best of all time.

And that concludes our picks for the best PS5 battle royale games. While these games will keep you busy for the foreseeable future, the genre is the gift that keeps on giving, so keep checking back to see what might appear on the list soon. For now though, while you’re downloading these titles, why not have a flick through the best PS5 games or even the best PS5 co-op games – there are plenty of options.