Back 4 Blood melee build – the cards you need to equip

Ready to hit home runs left, right, and centre? With this Back 4 Blood melee build you'll be able to slice your way to victory

Back 4 Blood melee build: four cleaners get ready to leave the safe room

Is there anything more gratifying than taking down a zombie with a baseball bat or a machete in Back 4 Blood? Melee weapons are the perfect sidearm to the best Back 4 Blood weapons, mainly because they require no ammunition. But did you know, that with a few small tweaks, you can play the game with just a bat? Enter our our Back 4 Blood melee build.

This custom deck comprises of 15 cards, all of which boost your stamina and melee output. Swinging an axe, machete, or bat around is thirsty business, you the Cleaner of your choice is going to need some help to stay up and running.

It’s worth saying that while any of the best Back 4 Blood characters will do the job for this Back 4 Blood melee build, there are a couple who are well suited for it. These are: Holly, Evangelo, and Karlee. Holly and Evangelo both possess increased stamina base stats and Karlee can sense nearby hazards, giving you a head up of the path ahead.

But we’re getting off topic. Here is the best Back 4 Blood melee build that’ll have you slicing your way through the game’s four acts.

Back 4 Blood Melee build

If you don’t want to worry about running out of ammunition mid-run again, this melee build, comprising of the best Back 4 Blood cards, is for you.

Here is the best Back 4 Blood shotgun build: 

  • Mean Drunk
  • Meth Head
  • Battle Lust
  • Spiky Bits
  • Face Your Fears
  • Slugger
  • Ignore The Pain
  • Berserker
  • Adrenaline Fueled
  • Run Like Hell
  • Body Armour
  • Sunder
  • True Grit
  • Batter Up
  • Vanguard

Back 4 Blood melee build: two cleaners fight a tall boy

These 15 cards should make you a melee mastermind in the campaign mode, particularly if you’re playing with trustworthy teammates. These cards increase your stamina and your melee damage output, making you just as viable with a bat than a gun.

Mean Drunk and Meth Head increase your swing speed (although they will prevent you from sprinting) Spiky Bits increases your damage output, and Slugger and Adrenaline Fuelled increases your Stamina efficiency.

Face Your Fears is particularly helpful as you’ll gain three temporary health whenever you kill a Ridden within two metres – perfect when you’re surrounded by hordes.

As you can see, this isn’t too dissimilar from our Back 4 Blood Holly build, but it’s perfect if you fancy changing things up a bit with a different character. You’ll want to pick up a machete for this build though – it’s much more efficient to use and you’ll cleave through enemies quicker.

So there you have it, our best Back 4 Blood melee build. Check out our list of all Back 4 Blood cards if you’re keen to see how you can improve our list.