All Back 4 Blood cards: everything you need to know

Every single Back 4 Blood card you can find in the game

Hoffman fires an assault rifle at zombies

Whether you like it or not, cards play an incredibly important role in Back 4 Blood. From influencing how fast your Cleaner can run to giving you challenges to complete for more money, all Back 4 Blood cards give your character unique quirks that will affect each and every playthrough.

Picking and choosing cards might seem fairly simple at first, but as you progress through the Back 4 Blood Acts, and turn up the game’s difficulty, these cards might mean the difference between life and death. In other words, you’ll need to select the best Back 4 Blood cards and curate your decks carefully.

With that in mind then, what are all the Back 4 Blood cards and which ones should you pay more attention to over the rest? Well, you’re about to find out.

All Back 4 Blood active cards

There are currently dozens of active cards in Back 4 Blood, split into four categories: Reflex, Discipline, Brawn, and Fortune, and based around offence, defence, utility, and mobility.

They are as follows:

Back 4 Blood Reflex cards

Reflex cards are blue in Back 4 Blood and they usually offer buffs to make your characters – and their actions – super speedy.

Here are the Back 4 Blood Reflex cards in full:

 Card name Description
Adrenaline Fueled Unknown
Brazen Unknown
 Breakout Allows you to free yourself from grabs, +50% breakout cooldown reduction
Cocky Unknown
 Combat Medic Teammates healed by an additional 20 health, +25 use speed
Cross Trainers +20% stamina, +20% stamina regen, +3% move speed, 5 health
Dash Unknown
Energy Drink Unknown
Evasive Action Gain a 20% movement speed boost for three seconds when you take a hit of 10 or more
 Fire in the Hole! Gain 20 temporary health and 20% movement speed for ten seconds after throwing an offensive item
Fleet Of Foot Unknown
Glass Cannon Unknown
Guns Out Unknown
Headband Magnifier Unknown
Hellfire Unknown
 Hi Vis Sights +30% aim speed
Hyper-Focused Unknown
Killer’s Instinct Unknown
Mag Carrier Unknown
Mag Coupler Unknown
Mandatory PT +10% team stamina
 Marathon Runner +5% movement speed
Medical Expert +15 healing efficiency, plus +15% movement speed for 15 seconds
Meth Head Unknown
 Miraculous Recovery  A medical accessory has a 25% chance of healing you to 100%
Multitool Unknown
On Your Mark… Unknown
Olympic Sprinter Unknown
Pep in your Step Precision Kills grant 10% movement speed for five seconds
Pep Talk Unknown
Power Swap  Changing weapons within 0.75 seconds of hitting low ammo grants +20% damage for five seconds
Reckless Unknown
Reckless Strategy Unknown
Reload Drills  +30% reload speed
Rhythmic Breathing Unknown
Ridden Slayer  +20% weak spot damage
Rolling Thunder Unknown
Rousing Speech Unknown
Run Like Hell Unknown
Sadistic Unknown
Screwdriver  +50% use speed
Shooting Gloves  +25% weapon swap speed
Shredder Unknown
Slugger Unknown
Smelling Salts Unknown
Speed Demon Unknown
Steady Aim Unknown
Stimulants  Pain meds grant +10% movement speed, 10% reload speed, and 10% weapon swap speed for 30 seconds
Stock Pouch Unknown
Superior Cardio +50% sprint efficiency, +5 health
Tunnel Vision Unknown
Utility Scavenger Unknown
Widemouth Magwell Unknown

Back 4 Blood Discipline cards

Discipline cards are red in Back 4 Blood and they usually offer adjustments to your Cleaner’s loadout – think ammo and explosive capacities.

Here are the Back 4 Blood Discipline cards in full:

Card name Description
Ammo Belt +50% ammo capacity, -20% stamina efficiency
Ammo For All Unknown
Ammo Mule Unknown
Ammo Pouch +25% ammo capacity
Ammo Scavenger Unknown
Amped Up Unknown
Antibiotic Ointment +30% healing efficiency
Avenge The Fallen Unknown
Charitable Soul Heals granted to a teammate will also apply to you
Cold Brew Coffee Unknown
Combat Knife Turns your Bash into a Knife that counts as a Melee weapon.
Combat Training +5% damage dealt, +50% bullet penetration
Controlled Movement Unknown
Down In Front! Unknown
EMT Bag +45% healing efficiency, -20% stamina efficiency
Energy Bar +60% stamina regeneration, 5 health
Experienced EMT Medical accessories will grant +20% maximum health until the end of the level
Field Surgeon Unknown
Front Sight Focus +30% accuracy
Group Therapy All teammates heal for 10 health when a medical accessory is used
Hunker Down +20% damage resistance, +12.5% accuracy when crouching
In the Zone +5% reload speed for five seconds (can be stacked ten times) when getting precision kills
Inspiring Sacrifice All teammates heal for 25 health over ten seconds if someone is incapacitated
Knowledge Is Power Unknown
Large Caliber Rounds Unknown
Marked for Death +10% damage to pinged mutations
Meatgrinder Unknown
Medical Professional First Aids and Defibrillators recover 10 trauma damage and one extra life
Motorcycle Helmet Unknown
Motorcycle Jacket +10% damage resistance
Natural Sprinter Unknown
Needs Of The Many Unknown
Optics Enthusiast Unknown
Padded Suit Unknown
Patient Hunter +10% damage for each second aimed down sights (can be stacked three times)
Poultice Teammate gains +15 health over 30 seconds when healed
Power Reload Reloading a gun within 0.75 seconds of hitting low ammo grants +30% mag capacity until next reload
Quick Kill Unknown
Scattergun Skills Unknown
Silver Bullets Unknown
Support Scavenger Unknown
Tactical Vest Unknown
Trigger Control Unknown
Vanguard Unknown
Weapon Scavenger Unknown

Back 4 Blood Brawn cards

Brawn cards are green in Back 4 Blood and they usually buff your Cleaner’s health to make them a bit hardier in battle.

Here are the Back 4 Blood Brawn cards in full:

Card name Description
Batter Up Unknown
Battle Lust Melee kills heal two health
Berserker Unknown
Body Armor Unknown
Bomb Squad +100% explosive damage, 35+ explosive resistance
Broadside Unknown
Buckshot Bruiser Unknown
Canned Goods Unknown
Chemical Courage Pain meds grant +25% damage for 60 seconds
Confident Killer +2% damage every time you kill a mutation until the end of the level
Demolitions Expert Unknown
Durable +15% trauma resistance, +5 health
Face Your Fears +3 temporary health when you kill a Ridden within two metres
Fresh Bandage Unknown
Grenade Training Unknown
Heavy Attack Hold R2 with Melee weapons to burst forward, charge attacks deal 100% increased damage
Hydration Pack Unknown
Ignore The Pain Unknown
Improvised Explosives Unknown
Line ‘Em Up Unknown
Mean Drunk Unknown
Numb +15% damage resistance with temporary health
Offensive Scavenger Unknown
Overwatch Kills at more than 15 metres grants five temporary health to nearby allies
Pyro +100% fire damage, +75% fire resistance, kills with fire grant +3 temporary health
Scar Tissue Reduces the damage taken by Ridden by one
Second Chance +1 extra life, +5 health
Spiky Bits Unknown
Sunder Unknown
True Grit +8 health over five seconds when hit for 15 or more damage
Two is One and One is None Grants the ability to equip a second primary, -25% weapon swap speed
Vitamins +25 health
Well Fed -20% stamina regen, team health +10
Wooden Armor Unknown

Back 4 Blood Fortune Cards

Fortune cards are yellow in Back 4 Blood and they offer specific benefits found no where else.

Here are the Back 4 Blood Reflex cards in full:

Card name Description
Admin Reload When you stow your weapon, it reloads, but ammo capacity is reduced by 20%
Ammo Stash Secondary weapons have unlimited ammo, but reload 20% slower
Bounty Hunter Unknown
Box O’ Bags Unknown
Compound Interest Unknown
Copper Scavenger You can sense nearby Copper, more Copper piles spawn
Double Grenade Pouch Unknown
Fanny Pack +1 support item
Grenade Pouch +1 offensive item
Highwayman Unknown
Life Insurance Unknown
Lucky Pennies Unknown
Money Grubbers Unknown
Mugger Unknown
Run and Gun You can shoot while sprinting
Share The Wealth Unknown
Shell Carrier Unknown
Shoulder Bag Unknown
Surplus Pouches Unknown
Wounded Animal Kills while at critical health recover 1 health

Cleaners in Back 4 Blood shooting down swarms of zombies

Back 4 Blood Corruption cards

To make each and every Back 4 Blood run through different, the game’s AI director will randomly select a number of Corruption cards. These cards could change the weather for particular levels or tweak the mutations of certain Back 4 Blood Ridden.

There are currently ten Back 4 Blood Corruption cards. These are:

Card name Description
Bruisers Adds Bruisers to the level who can go into a frenzy
Gloom Adds fog to a level
Hockers Adds Hockers, who can pin players, to a level
Jogger Swarm Adds a Jogger Swarm to the level
Ogre Adds an Ogre to the level
Retches Adds Retches to a level who can spit bile
Ridden Adds Ridden to a level
Runners Adds runners to a level
Shambling Ridden Swarm Adds a swarm to a level
Sprinters Adds sprinters to a level

How to get Back 4 Blood cards

Now you’ve seen all the Back 4 Blood cards available in the game, you might be wondering how to pick them up. Well, you can get Back 4 Blood cards in a number of ways.

You can find cards while playing the game in set locations, but you’ll need to pay 1,000 Copper for the pleasure. You can also pick up cards through Supply Lines – one of the shop options available in camp.

There you have it, all Back 4 Blood cards in one place. We’ll keep this guide updated when more cards are added over the course of the game’s lifecycle.

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