Back 4 Blood best cards to add to your deck

Here are our choices for Back 4 Blood's best cards to have in your deck

Three cleaners can be seen fighting an ogre.

Back 4 Blood‘s new card system is a dynamic and varied mechanic that ensures each run through a mission or campaign will be different depending on which cards are selected. That’s why it is key to ensure you are building a deck with some of the best cards that will help you out on your run.

With dozens and dozens of cards to choose from (you can find all Back 4 Blood cards here) , across multiple categories from damage boosts to passive bonuses, it can be hard to nail down just what to include in your deck and what to gloss over.

That is where we come in as we have collected our picks for the best cards that we have spotted in the game’s beta and ahead of launch. Do keep in mind that this isn’t every card that is in the game as they haven’t all been revealed yet, but as we see more powerful cards in Back 4 Blood we will be sure to update this guide.

Now enough talk, lets get into the details about Back 4 Blood’s best cards:

Back 4 Blood Best Cards

After playing the beta we have put together this list to highlight some of the best Back 4 Blood cards you need to have in your deck:

  • Ammo Stash
  • Breakout
  • Bomb Squad
  • Energy Bar
  • In The Zone
  • Pep In Your Step
  • Ridden Slayer
  • Run And Gun
  • Second Chance
  • Superior Cardio


  • Your secondary weapons have unlimited ammo
  • Your secondary weapons reload 20% slower

One of the only cards on this list with a negative, Ammo Stash grants you the valuable perk of unlimited ammo for your secondary weapons. This does come at the cost of a slower reload speed, but when paired with a less powerful card increasing your reload speed or In The Zone, you can help negate this downside.

Having unlimited ammo is vital for the more challenging missions and can help get you to an objective and start scavenging for primary ammo, or allow you to fend off Ridden until you reach a safehouse.

Breakout (Reflex)

  • Allows you to free yourself from grabs
  • +50% Breakout cooldown reduction

Getting grabbed in Back 4 Blood is one of the most frustrating parts of the PvE experience. Halting your pace and draining you of health, this card ensures that you have an escape from the Ridden’s clutches, even if your teammates aren’t around.

It is a hugely valuable card that can make or break a run, allowing you to save yourself from some of the more advanced and deadly forms of the Ridden. Having it in your deck will also ensure that you have a backup plan in-case you do get grabbed.

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  • +100% Explosive Damage
  • +35% Explosive Resistance

Bomb Squad is an especially good card if you are looking to equip yourself with explosives when at the store. With double damage when using them, you will be able to devastate hordes of Ridden and completely clear rooms.

It isn’t for every build but if even if you are planning to use a couple of explosives, it is a great tool to have in your back pocket, just to ensure you are more effective in the field.


  • +60% Stamina Regeneration
  • +5 Health

As with a number of other cards on this list, stamina is a vital attribute in Back 4 Blood, governing how often you can outrun Ridden, increasing your survival chances.

Energy Bar is a simple card, but an important one. This card will ensure that you can run more often, with less downtime, making your runs quicker and more efficient.

One of Back 4 Blood's tougher Ridden can be seen screeching.

IN THE ZONE (Discipline)

  • Precision Kills grant 5% reload speed for 5 seconds (stacking up to 10 times)

In The Zone is one of the best offensive cards in the game right now. Landing precision kills one after another has the potential to boost your reload speed by 50%, which can be the difference between life and death in intense moments.

In The Zone is great for almost every weapon (except melee builds of course), but it is key for guns that have lengthy reload times such as Light Machine Guns and Shotguns. If you are able to grab it, In The Zone is a must for deck.


  • Precision Kills grant you 10% movement speed for 5 seconds.

Back 4 Blood is all about killing zombies, killing more zombies, and killing even more zombies. So, anything that gives you a bonus for doing just that is valuable.

Pep In Your Step is great because landing precision shots or headshots isn’t too tricky, especially on Back 4 Blood’s Ridden which have less health. This means, that if you are able to land those headshots once every five seconds, or consecutively one after the other, you will almost always move 10% faster than you would without Pep In Your Step equipped.


  • +35% Weakspot Damage

Much like Pep In Your Step, stronger Ridden die faster if you shoot their weakspots. Therefore, being able to deal more damage to those spots is a valuable bonus.

With no other prerequisites, Ridden Slayer is a great card and will help with your long-term survival, especially later into the campaign when you are facing more varied groups of Ridden.

Three cleaners are advancing on their objective.

Run And Gun (Reflex)

  • You can now shoot while sprinting

Run And Gun is one of the best mobility cards in Back 4 Blood. The more you can shoot, the more you are able to kill, and this card means you never have to make a choice between moving towards the objective and thinning out the Ridden.

With this card in your deck you will always be ready for whatever threat you stumble upon and it may also save your skin in tight corridors and choke points.


  • +1 Extra Life
  • +5 Health

Second Chance is by far the most basic card on this list, but the bonus it offers is a valuable one. The addition of five extra health is nice, but the far more valuable part of this card is the extra life, allowing you to keep fighting for longer.

Ahead of launch, we haven’t been able to get stuck into any of the harder difficulties Back 4 Blood will have, but this card will no doubt be a valuable one when you are ready to take on those tougher challenges.


  • +50% Sprint Efficiency
  • +5 Health

As you progress through Back 4 Blood’s campaign you will take on more and more ridden as you attempt harder difficulty levels. With Ridden swarming you on these difficulties, sometimes the best option will be to run instead of fight.

Superior Cardio is perfect for this as it will mean you can sprint for longer and potentially make it to the next safehouse, rather than being left behind stuck in a pack of Ridden. It looks like this could also be a key card for those experienced players who want to speedrun through a mission.

That rounds out our list of Back 4 Blood’s best cards that we have spotted so far. If you want to know who voices the Cleaners you play as in the game check out our rundown of the Back 4 Blood voice actors.

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